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Winter Struggles: The Life of a Penn State Behrend Student

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

Our lovely school is known for its name, engineering/business programs and for being an overall beautiful campus. Although, all of those characteristics pale in comparison to Behrend’s reputation for weather.

The breathtaking blanket of snow that convers this campus anytime from November to March is remarkable to look at… for the first few weeks. Once the awe of the cold wonder melts away, the irritation with this indestructible pest more than sets in. Sure, our campus is beautiful and all but living in that wet, icy mess brings some different adjectives to mind. Waking up for an exam at eight a.m. is already a blast, but why not top it off with having to shovel through three feet of snow? Or how much fun it is to stumble down the three flights of stairs in front of reed trying to catch your balance the entire time when each step is coated in at least an inch of ice. You can’t even escape the slippery death indoors, it follows you everywhere. It’s even more fun in the winter when you need to lug your 20 pound back pack all the way from OBS to Burke, talk about cardio. It may seem great to have a car on campus, but when the snow hits hard that car isn’t going to clean itself off. Make sure to keep a shovel, Frisbee, leaf blower or backhoe in your car at all times. Now, in preparation for this weather you need an arsenal.

A typical Behrend student’s winter wardrobe includes boots, gloves, hats, coats (half the time down to your knees) and an accompanying blank expression on the walk to class. The lucky people who live on the first floor of their buildings might even get the opportunity to see the snow height measured against their windows. Wake up in the morning, stretch, open the blinds, oh wait… what’s this? Oh it’s just around four feet of snow blocking my window. Not to mention the assortment of snow related pictures and post on EVERY person you knows social media.

Also, it’s that time of year for the Behrend plague to start spreading again. Break out the disinfectant and keep a 5-foot radius between you and everyone you come into contact with.

Enjoy that first week of our beautiful snowy campus, just keep in mind it will be that way until next semester ends. Get ready Behrend… Winter is coming.

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Kayla McEwen

PS Behrend

Kayla A. McEwen: President and Campus Correspondent  Senior at Penn State Behrend Marketing & Professional Writing Major Part-time dreamer and full-time artist Lover of art, fashion, witty conversation, winged eyeliner, and large cups of warm beverages.