Why We Love Thrift Shopping

As college students, we are all about saving that money! We are also all about having the newest looks and sporting the trendiest fashions. There is no better place to achieve this than at a thrift store! Thrifting for clothing has recently become a hobby of mine, but because my closest consist mostly thrifted items, I feel like I have been doing it for years.


Here’s how I do it: I never go to a thrift store blindly. I always devise a plan before entering. My favorite thrift store is The Salvation Army, it has everything I have ever been looking for, even some hidden treasures. Before going for a thrifting haul, I always review today’s top styles and get an idea of what it is I will be looking for. I first begin with the jeans; finding a gently worn pair of vintage Levi’s is a must-have. Next, I sift through the button down shirts, usually finding a nice striped Tommy Hilfiger. After I have completed my entire thrift haul, I search for my vintage finds online, most of which I see on Etsy for a much higher cost than what I paid for it. Not only is there a sense of nostalgia, sifting through the many racks of vintage clothing at the thrift store, but it is also a satisfying feeling to have found an entire vintage outfit for under ten dollars.

-Devin Booher


Thrift stores. The place to go to find clothes, shoes, furniture, anything your heart desires, really. If you’re ever in a pinch with money, or just want really cute clothes, the thrift store is the place for you. There’s a method to the madness though because thrift stores can be a little overwhelming, especially if you're new to the game. Personally, I have to attack it with a plan, or I’ll get lost in the rabbit hole of crew neck sweatshirts and sunglasses.

I haven't been thrifting in a hot minute, but I get a great feeling whenever I go, knowing I could walk out of the store with some true gems. Shopping at the thrift store is all about what calls out to you at that moment. It also makes cute options so hard to pass up because you know you won't find them anywhere else, at least for that price. Once you find what you like, hold on to it tight and don't let go. You now have a killer wardrobe that you spent $30 on. Rock the thrift store fur coat with confidence and no one can stop you.

-Mallory Collins