Weird Phobias you May or May not Have Known About

Alright, so here is a phobia that I'm pretty sure fifty percent of my high school graduating class had - Ablutophobia. Now, Ablutophobia is the fear of taking showers, baths, or any form of washing. This is what is categorized as a specific phobia, that are just fears that revolve around a particular situation. For clarity's sake, the kids at my high school didn't actually have this; they just smelled bad. It is important to remember that as strange and goofy as some phobias might be, these are all genuine fears to the people that have them. Just as real as your fear of spiders and my fear of snakes. Even though they're a smidge bit goofy to the everyday person, they are to be respected.


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Another weird phobia is known as Trypophobia or a fear of holes. Trypophobia is specifically a fear or disgust of looking at patterns of small holes. This can be seen in things like honey combs or different kinds of coral. Even things like small patterns of bumps can trigger someone with trypophobia. People with this fear describe a feeling of nervousness, dizziness, and even vomit at the appearance of these patterns. People with this fear have difficulty even looking at the pictures of these patterns. Sorry if you have this fear as a picture is depicted below of an example of something that would trigger trypophobia.



Dentophobia is the fear of dentists, and man, do I have this fear...BAD! Ever since I was little, I despised going to the dentist. Just thinking about the scraping of metal against my teeth right now is sending chills down my back. I hate the sound of any metal on teeth. For example, when people rub their fork against their teeth when they are eating. So, when the dental hygienist is going to town scraping the tater off my teeth, I am usually profusely sweating with tears building up in my eyes because I hate it that much. To make matters worse and make my hate for the dentist grow even stronger, I get cavities quite frequently. My sweet tooth really does me dirty causing my teeth to have to pay for it every couple times I go to the dentist. I hate getting cavities filled almost as much as I hate the mental scraping on my teeth, so all around my experiences at the dentist are never great. Now, I understand that this would not be such an issue for me, and I may be able to overcome this fear if I went to the dentist more often, or maybe didn’t eat so much candy. I know there are people out there that actually find enjoyment out of the dentist, but I do not think that I could ever be one of those people. 


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My biggest phobia is seeing veins. This phobia is called venephobia, it’s spelled a bit different than you would think. Ever since I can remember I have had an irrational fear of veins. I can barely look at my own arms, and don’t even get me started on when I have to get my blood work done. When I get my blood work done I start sweating so badly and almost pass out every single time. Sometimes it even leads to me having panic attacks. Even when people mention something about veins I get so queasy and have to plug my ears so I can’t hear it. Boys that have arm veins? That’s a big no for me. Another fear that I have is having meat that has veins in it, sometimes when you buy chicken and have to clean it, that is the worst thing in the world and I still make my mom do it. I really don’t know how this phobia started, but it’s stuck with me for this long so I’m not sure it’s planning on leaving any time soon!