We Want More 5SOS

Everyone knows Penn State football and beaver stadium, but what is a little less known is the concerts that the Bryce Jordan Center holds.as part of the penn state system we are accustomed to getting season student tickets and piling in cars and making the trek down to University Park. However the one not as well talked about is the concerts that happened there. 

    Recently I attended a concert there on Sunday September 21st, for 5 seconds of summer and the chainsmokers. Other artist that have recently played the BJC include Jason Aldean, and the Jonas Brother. The Jonas Brothers  are very famously known for absolutely loving penn state! 

    Going to a concert as penn state just feels right. There is definitely a completely different vibe going to a concert at a college campus then there is at a different venue. It was a lot chiller while also being more crazy. For most normal concerts you can tell that 90% of the people are really there for the artist however at this tour date the people were there just for the experience and the overall enjoyment of a concert. There seemed to be a crazy amount of people in just simple outfits not dressed up, but just in sorority or fraternity letters. You also saw a lot of people who were tipsy just jamming out to music not knowing one world to any of the songs but looking like they were having the times of their lives. It was a different type of energy than that of ones with crazy fans crying to their favorite song and to people who just wanted to be there to have a fun Sunday night before classes started again for the week. 

    It also felt like more of a home base as weird as that sounds, it felt more like wow i'm a penn state student I should be here, it felt like the tour date that you really belonged to! There was more of a collective sense of Pride everytime one of the boys yelled thank you Penn State. There was a feeling of belonging there and more special than just a random city on the tour. The angry and over all people was different than other shows. Less of a crazy fan competition for the best seats it was let’s all have fun and enjoy the show type of vibe. 

    For the concert itself it was absolutely amazing, three artists played lenna Stella was the opening act and put on an upbeat pop performance, then came the band I came for 5 seconds of summer. They put a beautiful but still simple set that really focused on the music and their talent. Then the chainsmokers came in with a full rave set. In the very end 5sos and The Chainsmokers came out and played their songs together and really hyped up the whole crowd.