Vily Kolesnichenko '19

Vilyamir Kolesnichenko is a name you may have trouble pronouncing, but after one conversation it will become one you’ll never forget. From selling chocolate bars in sixth grade to fellow classmates, to working multiple jobs throughout high school and college Vily has always had an eye for good business opportunities.

Name: Vilyamir Kolesnichenko


Nickname: Vily


Major: Finance


Where are you from?: Born in Ukraine, raised in Erie PA.


Year: Junior


What clubs/organizations have you been involved with on campus?

I do a lot of stuff on campus. Right now I am the president of the Financial Management Association, the Vice President of the Financial Planning Association, and the VP of audit for the student managed fund. Last semester I was a part of tone-acious, and I am still a member of Delta Sigma Phi, and a member of the business analytics team. On top of all that I am a part of the investment research challenge which is a competition for mainly seniors (they made an exception for me) who analyze different financial companies. This past year we actually beat many other colleges like University Park and Duquesne.


What kind of personal goals have you set for yourself?

I plan on paying off college as soon as I graduate. I’ve been working a lot my entire life so I have tried to pay as much up front as I can, and I plan on paying off the loans I needed as soon as I graduate so that I won’t have any interest.


Why did you choose Behrend?

Behrend was actually the only college I applied to. I really hated school when I was younger, and actually wanted to drop out for a bit in High School. I wanted to be out in the real world doing more than just staying in school and working my entire life. I’ve always been very good with finance, and I knew that going to college was the smartest way to reach my other goals. I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and I didn’t want to stay on campus so Behrend was an obvious choice. The school actually has one of the best finance programs in the state, so I decided that this was my best option. I chose Behrend for the program and the opportunities on campus. As I said I am very involved on campus, and all of these organizations have helped me network and gain experience in my field.


What are you most excited for in your future?

Most people say they just want to get rich, but i see money as more of a means to an end. I don’t want to simply be rich, I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to get as much out my life as I can. I definitely look forward to getting married and settling down with a family, but I am most excited to just live my life and see where it takes me.

What do you do in your spare time?

I pick up a lot of hobbies all the time. I recently taught myself how to play the piano, and I play the drums and sing too. I like to draw, paint, and write poetry. I once actually started a little photography business which I maintained for a few years. I like to longboard and play volleyball, and I’ve skydived before. I also took up woodworking once. I enjoy picking up new hobbies a lot. I work actively as a youth pastor in my church, and I go on many mission trips through that. I’ve traveled to Ukraine, Kenya and Minnesota on different mission trips. Through these I ran medical clinics and kid's camps for those in the areas we visited.


What is your current job?

I’ve had many jobs throughout my life. Currently, I work construction before classes start in the morning as a side job, I’m a research assistant here on campus and I am the manager of Bloomberg Terminal which teaches students on campus how to use Bloomberg and what they can do through it.


What is your end goal?

I want to be a millionaire by 25 (that gives me 3.5 more years). The end goal is to be financially independent and my own boss at a young age. I want to live my life to the fullest and be a better person for myself and those around me. A major goal in my life would be to travel the world giving aid to those who need it and making as much of a difference as I can.


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

This isn't just for freshman, It’s more of advice for anyone. I think everyone should just take life by the horns and live it. It (life) is way too short to not live exactly how you want to, and opportunities arise when you go out and seek them. Live your life however you want, but make sure you are living it to the fullest.


Thank you Vily! HCXO