Tips and Tricks to Staying Organized

A couple of our writers decided to share some of their most helpful organization tips and tricks to help everyone stay organized while juggling their hectic lives.

Ramsey's tips:

1. Use Sticky NotesWhen it comes to staying organized, using sticky notes is a must for me. I will always use sticky notes for quick reminders that help me stay on top of my day. Whether it’s to remind myself to go to a review session, or to turn in an assignment, sticky notes are constantly slapping me in the face to get things done.  

2. Wall Calendars Using a wipe off wall calendar in my bedroom at school is constantly reminding me of not only what I have to due that day, but for the whole month. I also find that color coding my calendar really keep me organized. I have one color for meeting, one color for exams, another for quizzes and assignments, and finally one for miscellaneous tasks. 

3. Keep it clean Keeping everything clean will really help to keep you organized. Knowing where everything can help keep you efficient. It not only allows you to know where everything is, but it also makes your work environment feel more welcoming. Keeping everything from your desk to your room spotless can really have an impact on your productivity.

Lauren's tips:

1. Using a Happy Planner

During my time in college, I've found that the best way to stay organized is by utilizing a planner of some sort. It can be a monthly planner, weekly, or even daily. I have found that my favorite planner to use is the large Happy Planner ™ which I was able to get for a steal at Michaels last winter! With the way they are designed, you take out the pages that you are done using. It's all wired together with plastic rings. It's incredibly cathartic to remove a particularly long couple of months from your planner rather than have that dead weight remaining there. 

2. Color-code your notes

Another big thing that you can do to stay organized is to color-code your notes or your assignment reminders. If everything has a specific order to it, it can be less overwhelming when you go back to look at your notes to study for exams or assignments. I've found that utilizing colored pens or highlighters, as well as normal black or blue pens, can be really helpful when trying to figure out the key points in a lecture. 

These colored pens have been amazing to me so far! 

3. Google CalendarA final thing that I have found to be incredibly helpful is to utilize reminders through either google calendar or a reminder app on your phone. The one I found most beneficial is google calendars. You can make an event and set it for all-day so it's on your phone notifications when you first wake up, or you can even set it for a specific time so that way you can be reminded of something up until the minute!   


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