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Julia Fitzgibbon:

    Cartoon Network was pretty much my childhood. Come home from school? Cartoon Network. Wake up in the middle of the night? Cartoon Network. Saturday mornings? Cartoon Network. I think you get it by now but here are the major shows I watched on Cartoon Network and probably corrupted my little mind back then.


Powerpuff girls



    Powerpuff girls was somewhat my everything. I loved the character Bubbles the most and even had a plush toy of her. I watched back to back episodes and watched the powerpuff girls come kick the bad guys butts and be so cute while doing it. And it’s pretty fucking cool they came from their dad mixing chemicals together. I did get nightmares of the villains on the shows so I think that maybe started my decline in watching the show however (I was such a wimp child, I know).


Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friend



    I watched this show for years. It kept me entertained and was just a fun show overall. The creatures weren’t scary and it was a cute story line. The main characters, Max and Blue, was just a dynamic duo on the show and ran the house. Plus, it was almost always on cartoon network when I came home from school and the rest is history. 


That So Raven



When I wasn’t watching cartoon network, I was most likely watching Disney Channel. Besides the later goodies of Disney like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and so on, first was Lizzy Macquire and That So Raven. My older sister and I binged watched the old shows of disney for hours after school (in childhood before we did sports in middle/high school and were just these jocks who didn’t have time for anything really) and on the weekends. My sister was more involved in Lizzy Macquire than I was. I just don’t know if my little self appreciated the switch between the film set to the cartoon relm. Yet, I just wanted to be like my older sister and wanted to be with her a lot, so we watched that. Something we both watched and loved was That So Raven. What is there not to like about That So Raven? It’s quirky, relatable (to an extent-like all shows), hilarious, and showed friends and family dynamics we can see ours in. Plus, who doesn’t like watching a show where someone can see visions and be so quick to act on them hilariously? 


Olivia Getty:

This series ran from 2007-2012, so technically it wasn’t fully from the 2010’s.  From season to season the characters fashion, technology and style evolved with the times.  I am currently watching the show for the 4th time since it came out on Netflix. It gives everyone who watches a longing to live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and wish they had a trust fund.  I would classify this mostly as a show that appeals to young adult women, but if you’re a boy don’t feel discouraged to watch.


One of my favorite shows has been running since 2011, and is currently in the middle of its 10th season.  I love the rawness of the content and how they’re able to portray difficult topics in a comedic way. Whether you’re from the South Side of Chicago or living in a penthouse in New York City, the show is meant to relate to everyone.  If you’re looking for some comedic relief from your day I give Shameless a 10/10.


Mary Murphy: 


The Amanda Show 

The entire premise of The Amanda Show was very unique. It was composed of comedy done by the stars of the show, most notably Amanda Bynes. Admittedly, I was only a casual viewer of The Amanda Show, but the memories I have of it are distinct and memorable. 

The format was unique, the skits were interesting, and its rotating cast of characters kept me interested. Does anyone else remember the ongoing skit Moody’s Point (the one that involved her mom getting stuck and floating away on a hot air balloon)? 

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, Alyssa Sakurai)


Hannah Montana 

A huge part of my childhood, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, was spent watching Hannah Montana. It was iconic. Hannah Montana was everywhere in the mid-2000’sーthere were dolls, posters, a movie, and original songs that I still know all the words to. 

As adults, I’m sure we can all recognize the absurdity of the Hannah Montana plot (seriously, how did nobody recognize her? All she did was put on a wig!) but that doesn’t make it any less endearing. It was the first show I ever really religiously watched and I distinctly remember crying during the finale. And the soundtrack’s still superior. 

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