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Sky Dancers




Sky dancer toys were one of my favorite toys I played with. I had two or three and they were so fun to play with. The dolls were on these bases you with a string you pulled back on the side and the dolls launched from the base. Looking back at it, they were probably a hazard and why you don’t see them anymore but I’m thinking the hazardous toys to an extent are the funnest. 





This electronic little hand held device consumed much of my childhood. Every young child felt like a mother/father taking care of this little creature on this scream. We tried to find other people to attach these devices to so they can mate and someone takes care of the baby egg. It was a sad day when the tamagotchi died from not taking care of it while we were in school or otherwise. Or the watch battery died and it was too expensive for our 8 year old poor pockets to pay for another one/ cheaper to get another tamagotchi. Who knows how many devices of those I had but lets just say I had a handful. You were a cool kid if you had one of these in the early days.


Skip it toy



This was an outdoor toy that was a workout toy in those young days. My sister and I shared one I believe and it also had an add on feature of pulling out a rainbow fabric strip from the head of the contraption. This outdoor toy distracted my sister and I for a long period of time, getting energy out of us and gave our parents some peace and quiet (not for long though).


Polly Pocket




I was obsessed with Polly pocket! I had so many items of Polly Pocket that I couldn’t even imagine how many I actually had. My collection just got bigger when my Godmother got a whole collection of them at a garage sale or something and gave it to me for my birthday. I had so much fun playing with these figures and the rubbery clothes to dress them in. Thinking back to it, one outfit here or there might have escaped my room and my dog might have gotten to it. Childhood toys and pets can be a terrible combination sometimes. I thought the monsters in my childhood house were taking away and destroying some of my toys.



I was born right before it became normal to see a five year old walking around with an iPad. When I was younger, I did not want to scroll through the app store, I wanted to flip through the toy catalog. The toy franchise I was obsessed with expanding my collection of was Barbie. Over the years I dedicated my Christmas lists to making sure I had every special edition doll they came out with. I would spend hours after school setting up my Barbie world complete with a Barbie camper, Dream-house, and sports car. It was probably the biggest flex and my greatest accomplishment in elementary school. 




Hit Clips

I absolutely loved my Hit Clips. They were honestly pretty lame looking back at them, since they did only play 30 second snippets of each “cassette” you had. The Hit Clip I had was a red boombox, and my favorite song I had was definitely “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” or a song by NSYNC that I can’t remember the name of. 

















Another toy that I remember being obsessed with was Mighty Beanz. Mighty Beanz were these beans that were all different characters that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They were more “collector items,” although the beans could roll around that was about it. I had a giant case I would keep them in, and I would trade with other people so I could get the whole collection. 

















Beanie Babies were the biggest part of my childhood. I had every single beanie baby that has ever been created. I had a whole entire dresser dedicated to my beanie babies, and I refused to pack them up until I moved into my new house. The crazy thing about Beanie Babies is that they’re going for a lot of money nowadays. I know I had some of the Beanie Babies that are super rare and are going for almost $30,000+, which is insane to me. I treated my beanie babies like they were my children, and now they are just sitting in a dark storage room in my house which I think everyone’s are too! 




Were you even cool if you didn’t have Bratz dolls? I remember wanting to be a Bratz doll when I grew up. They had the best clothes, and coolest hair so who wouldn’t want to be them. I had every Bratz doll and I kept them in 2 bins under my bed. I loved being able to dress them up however I wanted, and also style the hair in cool ways. Sometimes I even cut their hair to change it up a bit, of course it always turned out horrendous though. My favorite Bratz doll was definitely Yasmin.


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