Through the Decade: Cringey Things We Use to do

Olivia Getty

Don’t lie, back when the iPhone 4 was the latest Apple iPhone, you woke up every morning wishing yours would crack so you could do this to it.  It was an unspoken contest on who could create the coolest looking rainbow mosaic on the back of their phone. I could only imagine the money that phone companies saved on trade-ins during this craze.


The beginning of the decade brought us one very important item: the touch screen phone.  While the first iPhone was made in 2007, popular social media apps weren’t created until the beginning of 2010 and this is what led to the massive spike in popularity.  Apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Uber are some of the most well known. Having said that, millions of people have profiles on these platforms and since they were created nearly 10 years ago,  so were our usernames. The most embarrassing app is probably Snapchat since you don’t have the option to change your username unless you make an entirely new account. Everyday across the globe, millions of people suffer from embarrassment because of the usernames they created and permanently branded themselves with 10 years ago. How tragic.

Julia Fitzgibbon

    Before I show the world and the whole wide internet these photos that I use to take, I just want to say who let me have a Facebook around 10 years old  and let me take selfies with my pink Nikon Coolpix camera? (I found some of these cringey photos just on my Facebook when I dug into the history of photos)


    This first photo, I don’t even know what what I was trying to do. This one is just off of that pink camera and is not on Facebook. This was taken around the middle school years and was just obsessed with myself by the looks of it. Maybe it was a good hair and I was trying to show it off? No idea, but enjoy the cringiness of this photo.


Unfortunately I found this one on my Facebook. I don’t know what’s even the worst part of this photo. Is it the whole over trying to smile with those braces or that brassy bleach blonde hair that I used a box dye for? Or is it the god awful eyebrows? Who knows. But my cringey stage was well documented in photos from the age 12-15 or so. 

And I saved the best for last. The brace face, the CamWow filter, Pierce the Veil shirt, unflattering photos, I don’t know what is not cringey. This is the epitome of cringey and even though it is, I will always cherish it. It’s just funny how to look back on things we thought in the moment was so cool or cute and now they are just plain bad/cringey.