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Olivia Wickline

Gaucho Pants

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I used to rock the gaucho pant look. Breezy, comfortable, and undeniably cute (to me, in sixth grade), I loved wearing my gaucho pants with my Aeropostale brand graphic tee. I had several colors- all of the basics like black and brown in addition to a particular heinous pink pair. I remember thinking I was going above and beyond when I wore these pants, and I would almost always break them out for a chorus concert. I honestly think these impacted my current love for wide-legged pants; Once you understand the perks of having free ankles you can never really go back.


Ciara Boyle

I can’t seem to find a picture of the exact shoes that I wore, but I do remember they were brown and pink and for some reason I was slightly obsessed with them. I believed that they matched with everything I owned (even though they did not), but they were comfy shoes!


Another thing I loved was stretchy headbands, I think I wore one every day and it would always match my outfit. I don’t know why I thought this was a good look because I don’t have the smallest forehead, and wearing these headbands just exposed it more than it already was. 


I in fact have worn chokers since 3rd grade and here is a picture for proof. I remember all of the kids would make fun of me for wearing them, but I wouldn’t let it bother me because I loved them, and to this day I still wear chokers. My favorite one though was definitely this black stretchy one that I am wearing in this picture.


Olivia Getty

If you did not own a pair of Ugg boots, you simply were uncool.  But, what made you stand out most and impress all of your friends was a unique pair.  Bright colors, sequins, extra fur were some staple styles from the beginning of the decade. I still proudly own many pairs and still wear them, with a much better style though, thank god.


When you and your friends all agreed to have a “dress up” day at school in the early 2010’s, you know this was your go-to.  Pair it with a pair of ballet flats and you’re set. All the boys went wild.


Easily the biggest staple piece in any teenagers wardrobe from the 2010’s was THE Aeropostale. V-neck, scoop neck, long sleeve, embroidered, you name it; don’t deny it you know you had more than one.  Such a classic item that could be paired with sweatpants for a dress down look, or paired with jeans and worn to your varsity sports banquet. Please, let’s pray that graphic tees never come back into style.


Julia Fitzgibbon

    The bulk of clothes I wore was the Justice brand head to toe. This might be TMI but yes, even my underwear was justice. Just the justice camis were everywhere. That heart brand on the clothes was everything. It seemed in elementary school that the in girls could see that brand a mile away. If you had justice clothes, it was just a thing like you’re in. Something about those cute graphics and glittery clothes were just so alluring in those young days.









    Along with Justice, Aeropostale brand shirts were the shit too. I didn’t necessarily have anything else of the Aeropostale brand besides the branded shirts but that’s all you needed in good ol’ elementary/middle school. 


Emma Cronk

Over the years and throughout the different grades, there was always an unofficial uniform to wear to school. I never used to care what I wore until Aeropostale opened up a children’s store called PS-09 at my local mall. Aeropostale was more of a middle school brand so the fact that they had an even more kid-friendly brand was super exciting. Everyday I would roll up to school in a matching PS-09 sweatsuit and off-brand Uggs. 


    In middle school the uniform became even stricter. It was especially tough because in sixth grade I moved to a very affluent school district and every girl seemed to be clones of each other. You were not cool if you didn’t own a few specific brands. To start, your backpack had to be Vera Bradley. Every girl had “her” pattern that she would stick to for every Vera Bradley product she purchased. I still remember that mine was a multi-colored pattern called “Va Va Bloom.” Outfits were comprised of three main components. A Northface jacket, Juicy Couture tracksuit, and a pair of Uggs. It was extremely crucial that the entire outfit did not coordinate. I was often seen wearing a bright blue jacket with a hot pick tracksuit, and purple Uggs. I’m glad that middle schoolers now have somewhat of an idea about coordination and most likely won’t have to cringe at their old outfits. 



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