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Tell The Oujia Board “Goodbye”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

I am going to make this sweet and simple. Ouija Boards are bad. They are no good. They do not contribute anything positive to your life and playing with them is just asking for trouble. (unless you use them under safe circumstances: ex. Blessing the area, have a background in connecting with the spirit world). However, the world loves finding bad, dangerous things and making games out of it which is why you can buy these boards anywhere from Amazon to Toys R Us. Many people think that a Ouija board is just a communication device between people and spirits. It’s not, a Ouija board is actually a portal that spirits and demons can use to attach to an area, meaning a Ouija board is not a window it’s a door so be careful what you let in


I would love to think that people would read this and not play with boards but I know that won’t happen. Instead of expecting all of you to stay away from these boards and abstaining from this game, I have listed below some advice and suggestions so that you can play (somewhat) safely.



Rule 1: Be Polite

It is already bad enough that you are looking for a ghost, the last thing you want to do is make them mad. Do not threaten the “spirit”. Do not try to make them angry in hopes to see something. Not all ghost are as nice as Casper, and the last thing you need in your life is an upset spirit following you around.


Rule 2: Choose a safe location

Like I already said, a Ouija board is not a window, it is a door. So be smart and don’t let that door be to a door to your room, house, etc. Your home is your personal sanctuary. It’s the place you go to relax and decompress after a hard day. Don’t let it be the new hangout place for your local spirits and demons.


Rule 3: Don’t do it by yourself

Many believe that the board won’t actually work with one person. The board needs collective energy in order to make a connection, so the energy of one person just isn’t enough. Others also believe that playing alone can be very dangerous. They believe that spirits are manipulative and can scare and trick players.


Rule 4: Keep yourself protected

Practice safe gaming. Make sure you are not being reckless because Ouija Boards are dangerous. Here are some ideas to get rid of any negative energy that might attract bad spirits.

  • Place quartz crystals around the board. They help cleanse and protect energy.

  • Light black candles to absorb bad energy.

  • Light white candles to attract good energy.

  • You can burn Sage, frankincense or myrrh to protect yourself from bad energy

  • Draw a circle around you and the board using some sea salt.

  • Do not use a Ouija board if you are feeling sick or tired.

  • Do not play will on alcohol or drugs.


Rule 5: Always say Goodbye

This is probably one of the most important rules. You must say goodbye to the board. When you start, you open a door and when you do not say goodbye, you are leaving that door open for anything to come through.



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