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Sustainable Instagram Shops You Need to Know About

As I’ve continued my journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle, a large portion of the habits I had to change were in the way I shop. I love clothes. Truly. I love looking at outfits and putting things together; I often think about what my outfit is going to be the day beforehand. I regularly visit Goodwill or Salvation Army along with more specialty thrift shops, but most of the clothes in physical stores are subject to the style of the people of your region. Depop and Poshmark are a good choice, but I personally enjoy buying from accounts that I follow on Instagram and can have a longer, more consistent relationship with.

Here are some of my favorite sustainable Instagram shops:



white rabbit boutique vintage denim
Delaney Bopp

Bygone is the queen of denim. Her account is dedicated to jeans and Harley Davidson shirts (plus the occasional jacket find). I’ve bought a number of pants from this account, and not only is she super nice to work with she also takes Venmo! I highly suggest her account if you’re looking for a good pair of thrifted jeans or pants.

The Lalajean Shorts Flannel
Her Campus

   This is the best account if you’re looking for the perfect band tee. She has a great style and finds the best tops! I truly don’t understand how she does it. She also has a solid choice of flannels and sweaters- Overall, it’s a great account if you’re looking for something to wear with the jeans you just bought from @bygonesupply.


This account is more unisex than the other two- It’s great for oversized fits. Plus they often have story sales on really great items! They also have a lot of great graphic tees, but they also keep up on outerwear. They find the BEST sweaters! I’ve messaged them a number of times during their story sales and they’re informative and really helpful. Buying things online, especially thrifted things, can be daunting considering how unaware you can be of the true sizing. Talking one on one to the sellers is very beneficial.

The Lalafloral Purse
Her Campus

    This is a great account for funkier vintage items- definitely someplace to look if you want to make a statement! From jackets to jumpsuits to dresses, this shop is patterns galore. Plus they find super unique shoes in really great condition! I have looked to this account for anything from a wedding guest dress to a brighter item I could incorporate into my business casual wardrobe. It tows the lines and is really great for someone looking to spice up their style a bit.

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