Style Uniforms

We all have that moment in the mornings (usually on Mondays) where we have no idea what to wear. For me, sifting through my closet every morning is so tedious and annoying that I end up throwing on something quick and easy.. and then hating it halfway through the day.

It’s been studied before that humans only have a certain amount of decision making power in a day, and that using most of it on trivial things (like what to wear in the mornings) makes for less creative output during the rest of your day. Why spend so much energy on your wardrobe then? This is where style uniforms come in.

Many people who are at the head of the fashion industry are known for dressing the same way all the time. People like Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, and Diane von Furstenberg are well known for sticking to the same outfits every day. These people have all designed their personal image and have decided no matter what that they will stick to their classic outfit choices despite what the industry is saying is “in” or not. It’s a way for them to express themselves through their personal style and what they feel best in.

A “style uniform” is a way for people to plan their outfits every single day, by wearing a variation of the same outfit. Many people adopt this idea for work, dressing business casual everyday is something that can become quite difficult. It’s a way to curate a closet that all matches and lets you swap things out without becoming too monotonous. It helps those who have a uniform to choose outfits that they know look good on them without having to change three times before deciding to step foot out of the house.

    In college it’s easy to fall into a pattern of these uniforms, most of us are so tired in the mornings that we throw on a basic variation of the same thing every day. It’s easy and doesn’t take much thought, especially when you need to run across campus at 8:55 am when you have class at 9. Curating a closet based on these outfit patterns just helps to expand the opportunities without repeating outfits too often. As a young adult your style will change over the years, this “uniform” isn’t permanent. As you grow and find different things you enjoy and move from classes to the workplace your style will evolve, and so will your closet. Sticking to a general idea of what you know you like and what looks good will ultimately benefit you throughout your life.

    Committing to a similar style every day might seem scary to some, but the magic of it is that you don’t have to stick with it every single day. Sometimes you can have a great idea for what you want to wear that day, and everything can work out perfectly. It’s completely up to you whether you want to make a style uniform an everyday thing or something to fall back on when you just don’t want to waste the time and energy on thinking about what to wear.


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