Strut Your Stuff! Party Clothes On A Budget

The transition to college comes with many new experiences and opportunities to reinvent yourself.  One thing that many people overlook in the chaos of buying string lights and Mac N' Cheese cups is buying new clothes for going out. Before you know it, it’ll be 6 pm on a Friday night and you will be frantically searching through your closet trying to find something that Brad and Chad from your fave frat will like. I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to find the perfect going out clothes while balling on a college budget.


Take advantage of your student Amazon Prime account:

I never used Amazon until I got to school because I didn't realize that they actually sell everything you could ever imagine. Now, it’s one of the only places I’ll order clothes for going out from. Honestly, I've acquired an unhealthy obsession with their clothes.  The good thing about clothes from Amazon is that they’re usually cheaply made so you don’t have to worry about ruining them if you have too wild of a night and you can get most for under $20. To find the most revealing ones, I usually search something along the lines of “cropped club tops/outfits.” This leads to an endless list of raunchy tops for any body type! Disclaimer: you will waste a fair amount of money and time but the thirst trap pics you’ll be able to take for your Instagram will be worth it.


Duct Tape

I know you’re probably thinking “???” right now, but it’s not what it sounds like. No, I would never use duct tape to make a shirt or any other item of clothing but I do use it to enhance clothes I already have to make them wearable for a night out. Everyone probably has that one shirt in their closet that looked better on the hanger or a model than in person. For me, I have a lot of deep cut v-neck shirts that I just can’t wear a bra with, which sometimes leaves my breast looking very flat. A solution to not look like a prepubescent boy with makeup on is: duct tape! I first used this hack spontaneously last year when my outfit didn't look complete with a flat chest. Depending on the shirt you’re wearing you might have to adjust where you put the tape but typically I start at the bottom of my boob and pull up to lift them and just stick the tape right above my nipple. It really isn’t as painful as it sounds, I’ve never had an issue with the tape hurting. Usually, 2 pieces of tape going in the same direction get the job done. With a roll of duct tape costing around $3, I think this is hack gets an A+



You can never go wrong with thrift shopping. You get original pieces for typically $5 or less.  You can also DIY clothes that aren't 100% your style and not feel bad about it since you paid so little.  There are always hidden gems at the Goodwill and they’re always putting new clothes out, so make sure you regularly check in so you don’t miss any good finds.


Buy clothes that fit!

People think getting clothes in a size or 2 smaller than what their true size will make the clothes sexier. In reality, if you just find the right style clothes in the right size they’ll compliment your body much better than ones making you look like a freshly baked muffin.


Always remember!

The cardinal rule for the ultimate college going out outfit is: less is more ;)