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The Stranger The Better: Stranger Things 2 Episode 1 Review

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

***DISCLAIMER there are spoilers ahead so don’t try to @ me***  

The highlight of this October has arrived! Stranger Things season two just came out and there are people who have already finished it. If you were like me, you threw a party with Christmas light cupcakes to celebrate this gem coming back. So what’s going on this time?

Season two is not holding back. We get to see the upside down, new monsters, and the kids swearing all in the first 15 minutes. Nothing is funnier than seeing Dustin give the middle finger to the arcade guy. We also get the most mind-blowing experience in the first five minutes after seeing teens rob a bank and see one of them with a number eight tattooed on her arm. SHOOK.​


We also see some new characters as well. A new girl, Max, a tomboy who has Lucas and Dustin head over heels, and her jerky older brother Billy (who oddly looks like my dad when he was 17, nasty). Will’s mom also has a new boyfriend who is fifty percent sweet and fifty percent awkward. And of course the main event, Eleven is back baby. You don’t see her until the end, but the five seconds that you do is more than enough. I mean, just look at how cute she is with all of her hair!


Sadly, the lack of seeing our favorites from last season was recurring in the episode. we don’t get to see too much of the other characters in the first episode. We briefly see Eleven, and Mike felt like a background character. On the plus side, we do get to know Will a lot better in this episode than the last season but its last season’s characters that made us love the show.

Overall, this episode was a fantastic and great way to start the show-off. If you’re expecting to see your favorites right away, you’ll be disappointed, but don’t worry they’ll show. I’ve watched some episodes past the first and it only gets better. We see more of the kids and the mystery and drama in this season. Hold on to your Eggos, and get ready to leggo into this season.


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