Spring/Summer Fashion Trends To Give A Try

One of the hottest fashion trends this Spring/Summer season is known as "En Beige." In simpler terms, this fashion trend is a special name for contemporary oatmeal. This fashion stays clear of all color and focuses more on beige, browns, greys, and cream shades. It’s a more head-to-toe sleek look that consist long pants, trench coats and business style blouses.



Another, considerably more summerly look for this 2019 seasons, is known as California Dreaming. This thread is ranges for invigorating tie dye to colorfully wetsuits. This spring/summer runway consist of many so called “fan girl” tee shirts, tie dye dresses, and many revealing wet suit style dresses. This year’s summer swim suit trend is also in this category. Many suits that you’ll be experiencing this summer will consist of bright yellow, pink, orange, and blue abstract patterns.



The next important spring/summer trend this year is known as Craft Work/Change of Lace. Last year there were many lacey/flowy pieces seen on the runway and this year, they are taking this style to a new level. There are many folk elements this year that consist of full lace pieces, handmade artsy dress, and a lot of flowy pieces. They are mainly black and white, but some have hints of pale colors that accent the pieces.

The last fashion trend to keep an eye on this Spring/Summer is known as All the Trim. This is aimed towards the partywear crowd. This is a frou-frou trend that has many feathers, fringe, and of course embellishment. Some of the pieces that can be seen in this trend are rhinestone caps, hip-skimming crystal fringing dresses, and feathery bright color party shirts. This trend even is applied to the shoes, consisting of bright colors feather heels and sandals.





All image sources courtesy of Google Images


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