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The PS Behrend writers used to JAM out in middle school and we decided to share that with our readers. Take a look at some of our favorite nostalgic, throwback jams!

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Ashley Peskowitz:

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

One of my favorite throwback songs was and still is “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield because it instantly puts me in a good mood and it’s one of those songs that you can yell the lyrics to! It was also the opening song to the show “The Hills”, which is one of my favorite childhood shows!


Olivia Wickline:

Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne

Honestly my eighth-grade anthem, and the reason I now love every boy that passes me on a skateboard.


Too Little, Too Late – Jojo

Jojo dropped this song before I knew what heartbreak was, but she made me feel it.


Gold Digger– Kanye West, Jamie Foxx

It’s normal to know all the words to this song at age 13, right?


Alina Sharkey:

I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry

I was living in Belgium at the time and me and my closest friend, Naomi, printed out the lyrics and learned it by heart and sang it to each other all the time.


Alyson Munson:

So Sick – NeYo

This song seriously made little nine-year-old me feel like I went through a whole breakup. Seriously, who doesn’t belt this at the top of their lunge every once in a while? No matter if you’ve been through a nasty breakup or not, this is one that everyone loves.


Gives You Hell – The All-American Rejects

This was the first song my mom ever let me sing along to without bleeping out all the swear words, and you better believe I sang it at the top of my lungs whenever It came on. I don’t really know why I thought I could relate to the song so much, but when the boy I had a crush on in 7th grade got a girlfriend this most definitely turned to the #1 song played on my iPod nano.


Lovebug – the Jonas Brothers

I was a huge Jonas Brothers fan (but then again who wasn’t???) and this one always got to me. The music video was EVERYTHING and I seriously had the Lovebug bad for Mr. Nick Jonas, but again, who didn’t? That curly hair…UGH…I will never forget the time in my life where I had his posters plastered all over my wall, what a time to be alive.


Andrea Gaez:

Verme – Baby Ranks & Notch

This isn’t the most popular reggaeton by any means, but I was still obsessed with it all throughout middle school and high school. It’s about moving on and finding better things later on -which was right up my alley during those years.


Kayla McEwen:

Give Me Everything – Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer


This was mine and my best friend Stella’s JAM. We went on vacation together and my parent’s let us stay in the separate garage/makeshift guest room of their friend’s house – so needless to say we had our own pad. This song was blasting night and day and it honestly was the theme song to our vacation. Every time I hear it I think about how much fun we seriously had running around and pretending we were actually on our own when we would leave and get ice cream without telling anyone.


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