Sidiky "Titi" Kiera '20

Name: Sidiky “Titi” Kiera

Age: 19

Year: Freshman

Major: International Politics/International Business

Relationship Status: It’s complicated

Hometown:  Brooklyn, New York

Campus Involvement: SGA, Soccer Team, Assistant Chair of Diversity for SGA, OACS, Model UN, and an Associate Member of Sigma Tau Gamma



Food: African Culture Food

Color: Purple

Artist/Band: The Weeknd

Song: Prisoner – The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey

Hobby: Soccer, Shopping, Going Out to Eat, and Traveling

TV Show: The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah

Person: My Sister, Saran Keira PSU 16’

Season: Spring


This or That:

Daytime Or Nighttime: Nighttime

Spoken Word Or Written Word: Spoken Word

Instagram Or Twitter: Instagram

Salty Or Sweet: Salty

Coffee Or Tea: Coffee

Dogs Or Cats: Dogs

Books Or Movies: Books

Dressy Or Casual: Dressy


Why did you choose to come to Behrend?

Personally, my sister forced me to come here. She used to go here and I liked the small school environment. I was also in contact with the soccer coach before I came here, and he seemed extremely welcoming. I also had a connection with Felicia in the Registrar and she also convinced me. I wanted to get away from the big city of Brooklyn and see what a more rural environment would be like.


Do you have any exciting plans for your position in SGA in general?

I am planning on running for a higher position in SGA in the future, I was thinking secretary to start. If I choose to stay here for all four years then I would most definitely consider running for president in the future.


What is your dream career/goals after graduation?

After graduation I would love to work for the US Embassy, preferably the part where they deal with foreign policies. I am a wanderer and I love to travel and meet new people. I don’t like staying in one place for too long, so I would love to be able to travel for work.


What is the biggest life lesson you have learned so far?

The biggest life lesson I think I have learned is to always start out with a plan and be the best you can be. In high school I was aiming for pretty much average - I was achieving Cs but then my sister told me that I needed to make a change in order to get where I wanted. I have always had an infatuation with Penn State and after that talk it really opened my eyes to not only setting high standards for myself, but exceeding them.


Thank you for the great interview Titi! HCXO