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A Review of Cheer, a Netflix Original

It seems like everyone is talking about the new docu series on Netflix called “Cheer”, and I mean everyone. JJ Watt, Reese Witherspoon, Simone Biles, Chrissy Teigen, Ellen DeGeneres and even SNL are just some of the people tweeting and posting about the show (or parodying in SNL’s case). 


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The show centers around a junior college cheerleading program in a tiny town in Texas called Corsicana. To people outside of the cheer world the name Navarro might not mean anything but they are Gods in the cheer world. At the time of filming, Navarro Cheer was a 13-time National Champion and a 4-time Grand National Champion at the NCA Collegiate Nationals in Daytona, FL. I was a competitive cheerleader for 13 years, did high school and collegiate cheerleading for 1 year each, so I have known and idolized Navarro for a long ass time. What I didn’t know about was how they became such an incredible team under the direction of Monica Aldama and how cheerleading has changed so many of these athletes lives. This show explores the different team members, what it takes to be “on mat”, how demanding this sport is on an athlete’s body and how competitive cheerleading actually is. This show accurately represents what this sport is, a sport that is so hard to explain to outsiders, a sport that is often misrepresented in the media, and a sport often labeled “not a sport”. You also fall in love with all the kids on the team, from Morgan starting to find her confidence, Lexi’s evolution into a better person, Jerry brightening up everyone’s day, or La’Darius being sassy. Also the “mat talk” is exquisite, shout out to Jerry. Other than how great the team is, viewers can also admire how much a stable life and “mother” figure in Monica can help these kids so much. 


When they go to Daytona, I was so excited to relive those moments. I attended NCA Nationals in Daytona last year with Behrend and I was living out one of my bucket list items by performing at the Bandshell (outdoor venue on the beach) in Daytona. Some of the clips that were taken on the show felt like deja vu for me. I felt all of the same emotions that I did during those few days and I was immediately taken back to being on the floor and competing. The stress, nerves, excitement and thrill of it all, the thrill of competing at Daytona. Also I got wayyyy too excited when one of the clips was taken while I was standing and watching them practice at Daytona (unfortunately not in the show though:/). This show is a great watch for cheerleaders to relive some of their favorite moments of cheer, non-cheerleaders who know nothing about the sport at all and literally any and everyone should watch this show. Do it, you won’t regret it (these celebs didn’t).

Megan Kirk

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