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Girls are always known for their reputation as being “crazy”, but I’m here to tell you a little story about how guys are just as crazy as girls. Sometimes they’re even crazier and more dramatic than us.


This story is about a guy we’re gonna call “Rick”, Rick and I had met through the glorious and wonderful app called Tinder. I was on a day trip with the senior class of my high school to Baltimore when I got a “someone added you” notification from Snapchat; it was Rick. He was from the area and had seen my profile (at that time I had my Snapchat username in my bio. Yes I stopped doing this), but I never saw his because we never matched on the app. We talked casually over Snapchat and flirted but it was nothing serious to begin with. He was cute, nice and didn’t seem as creepy as most of the guys on Tinder. We would flirt back and forth but we never dated or were even a “thing”, the entire time things were pretty casual. We had tossed around the idea of me coming to Maryland that fall to visit because I would be going anyway for a football game, but we didn’t set any plans.

Rick was like many other guys nowadays where whenever he was horny, he wanted nudes. However, he never got nudes from me, I’m not the type of person to send them, also I just didn’t want to. Rick didn’t like that. Eventually, he blocked me without me even realizing it. I had followed him on Instagram from before and saw that he posted a picture with a girl, one I assumed he was dating so I didn’t push it and left it alone. On the weekend that I was supposed to come to Maryland, I DMed him saying, “lol I was supposed to come down this weekend” just joking around and not being serious AT ALL. Rick decides to respond with “lol I have a girlfriend bye” and blocks me. Was I shocked? A little. Was I hurt? Not really. I didn’t have any strong feelings for him so I didn’t really care that I stopped talking to him.

In the spring of the following year, I received a notification from Snapchat saying “from Rick” and that he had added me. I opened the snap that seemed harmless because all it said was a simple “hey”. Boy, was I wrong… After snapping him back, he proceeded to tell me that he was horny and that he “needed me”. (Ladies, if a guy ever says this out of nowhere, ignore him) When I wouldn’t send him nudes, he blocked me once again. Was I shocked? A little bit. Did I care? Not at all.

Flash forward to summer, I received the same Snapchat notification saying “from Rick”, I opened it and the same thing from the spring happened. He asked for nudes, I said no, he blocked me.

Come fall, I hadn’t heard from Rick in a while. I was okay with it, honestly, I almost forgot who he was completely. Until one night, I get the dreaded notification that he had added me once again and snapchatted me. It was the same thing as before. Only this time it was only a few days before he did it AGAIN. The same pattern as before, add, ask, deny, block. It was about a week before he did it AGAIN. This kid just could not get it through his head, I wasn’t gonna do what he wanted me to.

Only about a week later, he added me when I was asleep so I wasn’t able to add him back till the next morning so he wasn’t able to ask for nudes before he wasn’t horny anymore. He snapped me anyway and we were able to have a somewhat normal conversation which was a complete surprise to me. But yet, he still blocked me randomly. No reasoning behind it, didn’t do or say anything, just in the middle of a conversation. I didn’t care at this point, seeing as he had done this so many times, I was pretty immune to it.

That night I had passed out pretty early, but Rick had other plans. He BLEW UP my Instagram DMs (guess he had to unblock me on there before he could do that), and constantly tried to video chat me through the app, which I didn’t even know you could do until then. I was completely asleep through all of it, I wasn’t reading any of the messages, I wasn’t answering any of the video chats, yet he continued to keep trying to reach me through it. They were strange messages saying things like “I need you”, and that he would “come to see me”. He knew that I lived three hours away but yet he was still messaging me at 1am that he was gonna drive up to see me. I randomly woke up at about 3:30am and saw all these messages and was FREAKED OUT. I mean, can you blame me? This kid was constantly blocking me and now he became creepily obsessed with me. It felt like he was stalking me at one point because he kept saying “I’m driving to you” and things like that. I never responded to any of the string of messages or calls so he was basically having a full blown conversation with himself in my DMs.


I responded in the morning after he DMed me AGAIN and asked for my Snapchat, which seems a little odd that he needed my Snapchat when he would add and block me all the time. I gave him my Snapchat just to cure my own personal boredom. He seemed almost normal again in his snaps by sending only pics of his face and holding a normal conversation. He asked for my number over snap and before I could even respond, HE TEXTED ME. That freaked me out for awhile until I remembered that at one point in time last year he did have my number. I didn’t have his because I had gotten a new phone. He now had followed me on Instagram, added me on Snapchat and had my number in the span of twelve hours. He went from having me blocked on everything to basically stalking me. He also wouldn’t let me follow him back on Instagram.  


The whole day he was constantly texting me and was mad that I wasn’t able to give him my full attention because I had to drive three hours and then attend practice. Rick wanted me to stop whatever I was doing with my life and focus completely on him. Remember, I had barely talked to him in over a year and we were in no way, shape or form, dating or “talking”. He texted me throughout the entirety of my two-hour practice even though I couldn’t respond. When I finally did he told me how much he “missed” me. It was two hours. That time frame was almost as long as the whole conversation. This whole conversation he just kept asking me to FaceTime him so we could “play”. Basically, he wanted us to simultaneously masturbate while on FaceTime. Why would I do that, if I wouldn’t even send him nudes? I played along and acted like I would totally do that but I was “soooo busy”; that was a lie. Eventually, he tried to tell me that I wouldn’t have to do anything while on FaceTime, just watch him. Like WTF, who is this man and why is he so weird? He called me on FaceTime so many times until I finally answered. He started touching himself while I just kinda awkwardly sat there, I guess he could tell I wasn’t into it so he hung up with zero explanation. He continued to text and Snapchat me throughout the whole next day. I told him that I was planning on going to a frat event/party that night. His response was “F*** one of the guys”. Excuse me, sir?? Weren’t you the one calling me “yours” and being all “couple-y” the past 24 hours, why would you want me to go be with another guy that wasn’t you. I didn’t push him on the subject and went to the event. I pretended to be drunk when I got home just so I would have an excuse to not have to talk to him. Instead of just leaving me be, he FaceTimed me. Over and over again until I was forced to pick up. It started out normal asking me what I was doing and what not, until he flipped the camera and showed me that he had been masturbating the WHOLE TIME. He disconnected and tried to call me again and again, I didn’t answer. He went pretty quiet after that.

The next morning I discovered that he had blocked me once again on Snapchat, Instagram and blocked my number. From the Instagram DM conversation until him blocking me again, was only two days. He became obsessive, controlling, manipulating, demanding and overall gross in two days. Ladies, always remember: don’t do something you don’t want to do and if someone is pressuring you, they’re not the right person for you. If Rick isn’t the poster boy for guys being just as crazy and dramatic as girls supposedly are (if not significantly crazier), I don’t know who is.

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