PSB Pet Showcase

In this case, it isn't just dogs who are (wo)man's best friend! Take a look at the writers of Her Campus PS Behrend's pet showcase!



I love, love, love all animals but I love my dogs a little more. I don’t live with my dogs anymore and it makes me so sad, but anytime I have the chance to show a picture or brag about my pups - I will. I grew up with dogs my entire life so having one is just second nature. We started out with just one dog, then we decided she needed a pal so we got another, and then we ended up taking in a boy dog and so we had three BUT then my brother moved in so then we had five. Five doggos in one house, it was amazing. Since then, two of my oldest girls passed away but they are remembered by their brother and sisters.

Buddy, the only boy, loves constantly getting head rubs, running in mud, and eating every single thing you drop on the floor.



Mika, oldest girl, always wants attention and is guilty of the “drive-by lick” - she is literally ALWAYS licking you for attention. She’s famous for always having one ear up and one ear down.



Last is Bailey, the tiny rottweiler/shepherd pup that turned into a massive beast in four weeks. She loves playing with her “baby” and if you step on it she whines. She also really enjoys taking her rather large, heavy self and laying it on your body while you sleep.








Here is a photo of my wonderful kitty, Chauncey. She is a ten-year-old rescue cat that was found in my backyard when I was nine. She loves to sit outside in the sun on warm summer days as well as take long naps under my bed.






This is Lily, my 7-year-old black lab. She’s been my lil baby since I got her for my 14th birthday. The first time I left for college, she stole a blanket from my room and now she sleeps with it every night. She’s way too smart for her own good and steals socks when she isn’t the center of attention. Also, as you can see, I can brush the equivalent of a medium-sized cat off of her at pretty much any given time.



Olivia W:


I love my rat--I mean, dog. Lucy is the toy Yorkie that my mom got to keep her company when I left for college. We’ve had her almost three years now, and she gets more spoiled by the day. 



She loves to run after squirrels (even though she’s the same size as them), sleep on people’s shoulders, and lay in the sunlight like a fat cat. I guess I can’t blame her for being a diva, though, since we have steps that lead up to the couches and beds so her little legs can actually get onto the plush surfaces. What a little lady Lucy is.





My dog is beige and is Beige. Yes, you got that right. She’s not only the color beige but is also named Beige. No, we were not the ones who named her. My older brother lived in Pittsburgh for a while and ended up getting her from a random family, they gave her the name Beige. She is the first dog I ever had because my parents had a strict policy of no pets, but when my brother moved back home, they couldn’t say no. The first thing she did at our house is poop on my mom’s rug, not the best start. But her quiet and loving demeanor won over the ‘rents pretty fast. Now, Beige has lived with us for almost two years. She knows when I come home that I’m the only person who will cuddle up on the couch with her since she’s technically not allowed on it but I let her anyway. She’s one of my favorite parts of being home and I can’t wait to spend all summer outside with her as she LOVES to sunbathe out by the pool. She may have the most obvious name, but she’s one of a kind (especially since we have no idea what breed she is, like at all.)





This is my Basset Hound, Gertrude!



She is almost 2 years old even though everybody always thinks she is much older than she is because of all of her wrinkles. She loves to be outside and play with her sister, Socks, who is our cat. Gertrude also loves to beg for treats and get lots of cuddles but, don’t be fooled by her cuteness, she also likes to steal our clothes and run around with them. Even though she is a pain in the butt sometimes, she is THE best puppy in the world!





So, this is my baby girl Gracie and I love her with all my heart. She turns two-years-old in April, she is a cocker spaniel poodle, and I’m just so glad that we got her. I wouldn’t know what to do without her. And yes, that is her at our table with us, she might just be a little spoiled.




Olivia G:



This is Lola (aka Lols) and she’s almost 12 but has the heart of a kitten. She’s been an indoor cat all her life. In her free time, she enjoys sleeping on furniture, sunbathing, being photographed, and eating human food.  



She has just recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and feline herpes but she’s keeping her spirits high. Lola is very independent so she’s not looking for a partner but you can still swipe right.




Name: Nala

Age: 9 Months

Type: Ferret 

Breed: According to the patterns of her fur, she is a Panda

Interests: Bubbles, Purses, Backpacks, Flowers

Hobbies: Stealing everything she can get her paws on

Food: Cat food, Ferret food, Grilled Chicken, Peanut Butter Ferret treats



This is my baby ferret Nala. She is nine months old and is extremely active for her age. I always get questions about her and how it is to maintain such an animal. To start off she is related to the mink and weasel family. Ferrets sleep for about 18-20 hours a day. Ferrets are sly and cunning animals which make them very mischievous. Nala’s favorite thing to do is take my socks and hide them all over my apartment which makes finding pairs really difficult. People who have handled or dealt with these animals know that they have a distinct smell. Being the busy college student I am, I have just the right amount of time to keep up with her grooming needs. Ferrets are only recommended to take 1-2 baths a month and need their nails clipped and ears cleaned at least once a month. If you think about it, they’re very low maintenance animals, but they do need daily playtime for at least 3-4 hours with (minimal to high) supervision depending on their personality. 


Overall I love her and I know she can be a hassle sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade her for any other pet in the world. 


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