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Siblings. You can't live with them and you can't live without them. If you have a sibling you're bound to have some very interesting stories from your childhood (or even adult-life). Our staff does not fall short when it comes to sibling stories and even a few scares might have been left:



Okay, let’s start things off with me saying that I am the youngest of four so not only have I endured plenty of things from my siblings, I have also inflicted it because I am the youngest and the youngest - to some extent - is untouchable.



When I was really young, I used to sleep walk and talk ALL the time. One of our families favorite stores is that one night around 3 AM on a Saturday, I got out of bed and decided to walk into my brother and sister’s rooms and wake them up. I told them that it was time for school and they slept through their alarms. My brother, not wanting to miss the bus and easier to get ready jumped out of bed and started getting ready while my sister just idly took her time. My mom woke up at this time and went into the hallway to see what the noise was and why they were up. My brother said, “Boo woke us up, she said we were going to be late for school” and to that my mom responded, “it’s 3:15 AM on a Saturday, there is no school. Go back to bed.” Boy were they mad, but again, youngest and I was sleepwalking. Not like I did it on purpose.



Another time, my brother was supposed to be babysitting me but my mom let him have a friend over too because I was of age to know what I should and shouldn’t do to a degree but I wasn’t allowed to get food or use scissors or be in the house alone yet. My brother had me come downstairs into the game room with him and his friend while they played Nintendo so he could keep an eye on me. He was paying more attention to the game and I got bored so I started going through my mom’s nursing things and I found a glove and put it on and then I found a needle and thought “I have a glove on, the needle won’t go through. This is why doctors wear gloves”. So I shoved this very large needle into my tiny finger and it left a HUGE cut that stretched from one side of my nail all the way around to the other side. My brother freaked, covered it up with a Band-Aid and told me to forget it happened until later that night when my mom was giving me a bath she asked what happened and I took the Band-Aid off to show her my split thumb.

Once, my oldest brother got his wisdom teeth out when he was in high school so I didn’t really have the privilege of seeing this happen but when they got home from the doctors and post milkshake trip, he was still all drugged up on the anesthetic that he laid down on the driveway parallel to the grass, looked at it and screamed “IT’S GROWING!”.



Everyone with a sibling knows that as much as you love them you also cannot stand them.  Getting in fights, tattling, screaming at them for taking your stuff just begins to highlight the wonderful world of siblings and all it has to offer.  Being the youngest of three girls I knew what was coming for me. Especially because of the age gaps between me and my sisters (12 and 8 Years). Unlike most other youngest siblings I did not always get the easy way out of things.


 So, instead of directing my sister's actions towards me I decided to work with my siblings and prank my parents instead. One of the first times that my mom trusted my sister to watch me alone we decided to play a prank on her. My mom's biggest fear at this point was something happening to me since I was little.  So, my sister tied my arms and legs and put me in this toy box that was in the closet. I pretended to cry and my sister took a picture on her flip phone and sent it to my mom. We got an instant call back with my mom screaming at my sister telling her that I was going to suffocate in the box. My sister then put me on the phone, while I was still fake crying, so I could make it more believable.

After my mom said she was going to call our neighbor to let me out I finally caved and told her it was a joke.  Although I didn't have the wrath of my sister coming my way anymore, I didn't realize how much scarier the wrath of my mom was. Even though my siblings and I had our fair share of fights we have an unbreakable bond now that honestly can never be broken thanks to those awful, yet hilarious memories.



Being the middle child in a family of three girls, I’ve had my fair share of crazy stories. Anyone who has siblings knows the real struggle of learning to get along under the same roof. When I was younger, you could say I was the troublemaker most of the time. My sisters weren’t angels either, but they have less of a track record than I do. When I was angry with my sisters, my older sister especially, I would just bite her. There was one time I made her BLEED because I wouldn’t let go. I also threw a book at my little sister because she wouldn’t let me use her Nintendo D.S. That one was cause for grounding. See? Troublemaker.


My sisters and I loved to play with dolls, Hot Wheels, Mighty Beanz, we played dress up, school-- you name it, we’ve played with it. We used to have this bunny house that closed, and it looked like an actual house. When you opened it there was an upstairs, a downstairs, and even a tree to make a backyard (AND a swing on it too, the full nine yards). The one day, my sister and I were playing with the bunnies in the house, and I was pushing one of them on the swing. I told her that I didn’t want to push the bunny anymore because I had to go to the bathroom. Her being the big sister told me I couldn’t stop swinging the bunny, and I listened. I kept trying to leave, but she wouldn’t let me so I peed my pants. It was detrimental to my sister that only I pushed the bunny. I ended up with soggy pants because of it, and the memory to never escape me or be lived down.

My childhood memories aren’t all crazy, I’ve had some really great times with friends and family. Sometimes, sisters are a pain, but I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.



Having siblings comes with its ups, downs, and many memorable stories. One I’ll never forget is: my sister was probably around four years old, putting me at eleven. One day I decided to tape her to the door; I first had her stand on a stool, about a foot off of the ground. I then proceeded to have her hold her arms out and legs together. I nearly used the whole roll of tape assuring she would stay there.

Once I was finished, I removed the stool and started opening the door and slamming it shut. Our mom heard the door repeatedly opening and came downstairs, only to find me dying of laughter and my sister crying from the tape ripping off.



My brother was obsessed with Spiderman as a kid. He had everything decked out always, tee shirts, shoes, blankets, plush toys, action figures, you name it. His room is still red and blue with a Spiderman faceplate on the light switch (he is 17 years old). My favorite story to tell when I want to embarrass him is directly related to this Spiderman obsession, and it gets slightly dangerous.

When we were young we would go to my dad's softball games and hang out around the field. Since I was four years older than him and six years older than my sister I was always in charge of taking them to the playground next to the field and making sure they didn’t get hurt. On one of these regular days we were walking between the parking lot and the playground and I was focusing on my little sister who was whining about something. In these few minutes, I wasn’t really seeing what Isaac was doing until the last second. He loved playing “Spiderman” (which meant running around in circles pointing at things with the “webs” and imaginary swinging back and forth.


That day he decided his web powers were very real because before I could react he was running headfirst into a 3-foot tall cement block (which we guess he assumed he would jump over with his newfound powers, we still aren’t very sure why). Unfortunately, his life changed that day and he gained a permanent scar on his forehead, an iconic story in my family, and the realization that he did not have super web-slinging hands.


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