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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

This article was inspired by an Instagram post from Astroillogica. Simply, these are pieces of who we are.


Samantha :

    I guess when trying to decide what makes me who I am there are many different factors that play a part. There are many different sides of who I am and there are different influences for each of those sides. The writer, well more so a poet, was greatly influenced by “No Matter the Wreckage” by Sarah Kay, she was my main source of inspiration to start writing. When I first watched her Ted Talk, I was hooked, that is when I began writing my own poems. Which I write my first drafts in the journal that has many different quotes on the front of it. If one were to look inside it would be a mess of scribbles and fast-paced writing, it’s a sloppy journal but it holds very intimate deals of my poems and inspirations for said poems. There is another book “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur that has also influenced my writing, maybe not in the same way. But it helped show me that poems do not have to be elaborate and full of every single detail of life to have an impact. Another part of who I am, whether this is a good or bad thing is that I tend to over analyze everything and try to make sense of things that I really have no control over, but I’m getting better with that. Which is why I have another journal, which says “She believed she could so she did” and this is where I tend to keep moments of my life that I want to make sense of. But also the quote itself brings out the feminist in me and gives me just a little more push to reach out and take control of my life and dreams. Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed with dogs I am, especially my own. I own a cocker spaniel poodle, named Gracie and she’ll be 3 in April. Going to college and not being able to see her has honestly been really hard, but I’m much happier when I do get to see her. Lastly, a small part of my life revolves around photography and mainly my favorite thing to take photographs of is my dog, like honestly most of the photographs on my phone are of my dog. But photography just lets me show the world in a different light, a different perspective which is what makes it so important to me.





A few of the things that I hold near and dear to my heart are as follows:

1. Batiste dry shampoo (or any dry shampoo really) – I cannot leave my room for the day without spritzing a little of this into my hair to give it life and volume and a little scent to go about my day. It wouldn’t surprise me or any of my friends to know that I am a fan of irregular washing my hair and it shows in how greasy my hair will be some days.

2. Lotion (preferably essential oil based) – I need to feel hydrated, especially in these dreary Erie months where all I can feel is how dry and gross my skin is getting no matter how hard I try to combat it. Lotion is a savior and I will stand by that.

3. Highlight (Mac Soft N’ Gentle for the win) – Highlighter is my all time favorite makeup product and I do not use it sparingly. I tend to make sure that no matter how little of a face I am wearing, I put a little highlight on in order to liven up my look.

4. Necklace – I love wearing tiny little pendants to make a tiny statement with my jewelry. I tend to stray away from statement necklaces just because I feel like I can’t pull them off, but tiny pendants I am perfectly content with, and I feel like they complete whatever look I am trying to pull off.

5. Vitamin D – I actually have a Vitamin D deficiency but for those of you who don’t go out into the sun enough or feel like your muscles are taking a turn for the worse during this winter wear and tear, Vitamin D supplements are your best friend.

6. Crystals – Anyone who knows me, knows that I am trying to get into crystals and their healing powers and believe me when I say that it is no joke. They work, especially with the power of reinforcement. Crystals are a godsend and I make sure to have at least one on my person during any daily tasks.






My two favorite essential oils, a Leo embroidery, family jewelry, a handwritten letter from someone I had the capacity to love, a guitar pick, a ticket to the Warhol museum, and my journal.


My good friend has recently gotten me into essential oils. I use them in my diffuser, as roll-ons, etc. These two, lavender and eucalyptus, are the two oils that are exceptional when I’m feeling any stress or anxiety. My other good friend stitched me this Leo embroidery for my twentieth birthday this past summer. Astrology, and my sun sign, in particular, is such a huge part of my life– not to mention it’s also made by someone that I love. The ring and necklace I wear every day regardless of my outfit. I got the necklace in high school; It has a tiger lily on it. It reminds of the story my mom always told me as a kid: When my mom and dad were first married they drove past a field of tiger lillies. My mom always commented on how much she loved them, so, naturally, my dad pulled over one day and dug them up to then plant them in our backyard. The first year after my dad died seeing the tiger lillies pop through the ground reminded me that life goes on, everything’s going to be alright. My mom, sister, and I all have the same ring, it’s a piece that I always have on me that my family always has on them. The postcard is from my first love that never became anything. Even though we don’t speak anymore, the letter reminds of the impact he not only had on my life, but the impact I had on his. My favorite pick always makes me play guitar better (even though I’m terrible at playing guitar). You’ll never see me on stage, but most likely in my bed playing three basic chords. The Warhol Museum is one of my favorite places on Earth. Every time I go I find something different that I’ve never seen before. It’s also in Pittsburgh. Every time I see the ticket from the Warhol it reminds me of my sister, my friends, and my city. Finally, my journal is the final piece of me. I journal every night. It’s become essential to help me process my feelings during the day. Writing without the intention of anyone ever reading is cathartic. There’s something powerful in doing something only for yourself.


Those are the pieces of me.





I’ll begin in the top left corner. That little folded up, pink paper was something my mom gave me when she moved me into my freshman dorm. Now, I won’t go into detail because it is something special to me and I honestly don’t want to share that – but I have kept it in my wallet every day since (Which I am sure will surprise her when she reads this article like she does many of the others). Next to the letter are my rings, bracelet and necklace, which I feel absolutely naked without. Below my jewelry is a hand-bound and pressed journal, also a present from my mom, and beside it one of my drawing pens. This is where I keep all of my personal poetry and this is the tool I use to draw the things that occupy my mind. Beside my journal is a deck of playing cards from a good friend of mine. The character on them, Totoro, is from movies that I watch with my younger brother, this particular one being his favorite. Adjacent to the cards is my absolute favorite novel and one that I have molded my life around. With that, I will recommend for anyone to read it and figure out what is the path to your own personal treasure. Above The Alchemist is a Her Campus pen. Although not the same one I was originally coronated President with, it still holds all the same meanings as when I first took over this organization. Her Campus has helped me find my passions in life and where I want to take it, and for that, I am forever grateful. The shoe above is from my first pair of (vintage) Manolo Blahniks, literally allowing me to take my first steps into the fashion world. Slightly below is a pair of rolled up socks, again, from my mom. She gave these to me while I was in the hospital due to complications from my fourth orthopedic surgery. My surgeries have had more of an impact on my life than I can ever explain, but I would not have had it any other way. Across from my socks is a mug I purchased a few years back while I was on vacation with my family. I use this to remind myself to take everything one step, and sip, at a time and that overall, there is always something in the glass. Below my mug is my camera. I use this to document my own life and the world around me. Life is a beautiful thing and this little box allows me to see it from all angles. Now, lastly scattered throughout the entire picture are crystals. Crystals have become an important part of both my life and who I am. In my pockets, purses, camera case, even countertops, there are bound to always be crystals somewhere – because it really wouldn’t be me if there was not.






Many people have multiple pieces of them that never change. The many pieces of me include animals, nature, being an aunt and crafting. Something that hasn’t ever changed though was my interest in signs and good luck charms. Ever since I was little, I loved fairies – absolutely loved them. My dad took my sister and I to a renaissance festival right before my first band camp season started. It was my very first year as a Bethette and I was so excited. When we got to the renaissance festival, we stumbled upon a little stand with charms and knick-knacks. I immediately found and fell in love with the small, grey fairy. My dad bought it for me and I put it on right away. I never took that fairy off. In the two years that I wore that charm, I never messed up a dance routine, I never failed an exam, I got dance captain and squad leader, I got my first serious relationship – I had a pretty smooth running two years… until one day I lost the fairy. I remember that day so perfectly. We had our first football game of our senior year and I felt off from the get-go because my necklace wasn’t on under my uniform like it had been for the past two seasons. That night I ripped my rain pants, got hit in the head with a bass drum twice, messed up my routine and our bus got in an accident. Not the best night. I didn’t think anything of it until the rest of year played out. I found out I got cheated on, my relationship ended, I lost friends in a huge fight, I was late to my prom, and I had to face one of the hardest personal decisions of my life without my friends because they didn’t agree with me. My good luck charm was gone and everything felt like it was falling apart. I learned to deal with it and find good luck in other things, but nothing really ever felt like it did with the fairy charm. In the upcoming years without the fairy, I had an off and on relationship, I got cheated on – again, I broke my ankle and tore a muscle in my thigh, I failed a semester of college…the list goes on. Fast forward to this past June when I got a text message from my dad that he found something of mine while cleaning out his apartment. He found the fairy. Five years later. I kid you not, I squealed like a little kid and started running around. This summer started off absolutely horrible but when my dad gave me that fairy charm and I put it on – I felt peace. I felt like I knew exactly what to do. I wore it for awhile until something not so good happened and I questioned whether or not it still had it’s mojo so I took it off, but never got rid of it. The good luck charm doesn’t quite keep me from bad luck as it did in high school but it’s helping me in other ways. It’s helping me become a better version of myself and reminding me that I don’t need a charm for good luck – I create the good in my life myself, not the fairy. The fairy necklace now resides on my desk hanging out of a cup right next to a charm from my dad to remind me to create my own luck and happiness.




My nephews and niece

These are the three most important people in my life. They motivate me to do well and to be somebody they can look up to. They are what brings a smile to my face when I am having a bad day and can make me laugh when I need it. They made me a better person and are a huge reason that I am who I am today. These little kids taught me how to be an aunt, a friend, a caretaker, and how to rock wearing mismatched patterns in public.




Growing up, music was a huge part of my life, mainly because it was constantly played when I was younger because of my parents. Because of this early exposure to music, I was interested in finding new music and became invested into discovering new artists and learning about the music industry. It is the reason that today, I am a communication major focusing in PR to land a dream job to work with record labels.


Theta Phi Alpha


Theta Phi Alpha is the organization that, over the last 4 years, has shaped me into the person I am today. Theta Phi Alpha holds 6 values: justice, wisdom, loyalty, faith, truth, and honor and they are values I’m upheld to every day. I wanted to join Theta Phi to be apart of something that’s bigger than myself, and it turned into so much more. It taught me to be a leader, a listener, how to be a good friend and sister, gave me confidence, and to not be afraid to speak up and share my opinion. I owe a lot of who I am to this organization.




I’m the youngest of 5 and my parents have 17 siblings collectively, so I guess it’s safe to say we have a big family. Growing up, I was constantly around family. My siblings became and still are my best friends. My family are the people I turn to for everything – guidance, advice, or a shoulder to lean on. Although my family is crazy, and I mean more than just the “normal” crazy, I don’t know what I’d do without them and I don’t think I’d be who I am.




I don’t know if I could ever give an actual reason why I love sunflowers as much as I do. I love them so much I decided to get a tattoo of one on my left shoulder. Sunflowers are known for being “happy” flowers, bringing joy to people. I think I love them because I can relate to that. I’m a generally happy person and try to face towards the sunshine, no matter how little light there is. I love being able to brighten someone’s day and I’ve been told I can bring a smile to people’s faces. Sunflowers are bright, cheery, warm, and inviting – all the things I try to be every day.



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