Overhyped or Worth The Wait: New Shane Dawson Series

A few weeks ago, Shane Dawson released his long-awaited conspiracy theory 2-part video. Each video was around an hour and 45 minutes long. Was it everything we thought it would be?

Don’t get me wrong I love Shane Dawson more than anyone, but I feel like I hyped up the series too much. Of course, it kept me entertained the whole time but, I was expecting a lot more.




In the first episode, he talked about some conspiracy theories very briefly but didn’t go into much detail. Although they were interesting, we felt as though each theory was cut short and didn’t give us all the info we were looking for.

In the second video, he interviewed one of his old friends which also didn’t particularly go with the whole theme of “conspiracy theories.” I don’t want to give away spoilers because not everyone has watched it yet, however, one that he discussed was the Chuck E. Cheese pizza conspiracy, which blew up completely. Shane found a theory that Chuck E. Cheese recycles their pizza when it is not used. Since then, it has been “confirmed” that they do not recycle their pizzas and they are made fresh to order.




I am hoping that Shane comes back with new videos soon because I was very let down by the new (and not so improved) conspiracy videos. Of course, we know that he works hard and stresses about his videos and wants to make sure they’re perfect. I just wish he would’ve just added conspiracies that included more detail.

Not every series can be a hit but don’t worry Shane, I will always love you and all the videos you put out!