Natural Tummy Tamers

Feeling sick can completely ruin a girl's day, but what can sometimes be even worse is the medication you have to take to feel better. If you’re anything like me, you try to stay away from taking medication unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary. Because of this, I’ve looked into a lot of natural remedies for minor ailments. So here are a few of my little tricks to help cure that pesky stomach bug!

Lime Slices

 It may sound strange but sucking on a lime slice can take away most stomach aches within minutes. Weirdly enough, the acidity somewhat calms the nausea and pains.


Chamomile and Ginger Tea

These two teas are great for soothing a raging tummy. The tea leaves are nice and light as well as the hot water can calm the storm going on down below in your belly.



So I know this probably sounds even stranger than the limes, but catnip really does the trick. And no, it’s not cat food, catnip is just an herb that can have euphoric effect on cats. If you add a pinch of this herb to your tea (especially ginger or chamomile) it’ll make everything so much better.


Fennel Seeds

If you’re not a fan of hot beverages, pop a few of these seeds in your mouth and chew away!


Club Soda/Ginger Ale

Ginger is a go-to tummy reliever and adding bubbles to it can float that pain right away. Try a nice bottle of club soda or ginger ale and remember, sip gingerly!


Rice Water

Also an odder option, the leftover water after making rice is a well-known tummy tamer. A little more adventurous, but hey, you can always try something once!

Next time you may have a stomach ache, keep some of these little remedies in mind and see what works for you!


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