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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

She was like a sister to me. She would sit and teach me to draw. She would force me to sit and learn math. She would defend me when I felt attacked. She would round up her spare change and buy me tacos. She would take me trick or treating on Halloween and take me on adventures when I felt heartbroken.


It has been 6 months since anyone has talked to her and 4 weeks since we have found out that she was missing and every day is honestly more and more terrifying.


This is the story for millions of families around the world. One day everything is fine then the next thing they know, their loved one is gone without a trace. Because this has become so common over the years, Former President Barack Obama issued a proclamation naming January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and making January 11th as Human Trafficking Awareness Day.


Sex trafficking is scary to talk about. It is a fear that worries millions of women and girls around the world and it is a very valid, very rational fear. When someone thinks about sex trafficking or prostitution, many think of movies like Taken and shows like Law and Order, however, rather than the 20.9 million women are currently being beaten and forced into sex around the world today. Human Trafficking Awareness Day was implemented to raise awareness among Americans, especially those who struggle to recognize that there are girls ranging from all ages, who really need our help.


The sex-slave industry profits over $150 Billion dollars a year, which is why it has continued to go on for so long, but that time needs to come to an end. Below are some ways that you can help fight human trafficking today so that the world for not only you but for everyone you love, can be just a little safer.



Look for the signs

Hotel workers across the country are told indications of trafficking so that they can identify women who are in need of help. Employees are told to look for women who are paying for high price items in cash, Women who are with men who don’t speak the same language as themselves, women who look scared or dazed and women who look like they are traveling but who have no bags.


Report it

By simply calling 9-1-1 or the 24-hour National Human Trafficking Hotline line (1-888-373-7888) after seeing something suspicious can literally change someone’s life and can save them from a world of hell.



There are shelters and organizations that help stop and fight human trafficking but they need help to spread the word and to help the womn that they have saved. Try it and see how you can maybe change someone’s life and help them after working even just a couple hours.


Organize an Event

Again, there are a lot of organizations that are trying to fight this, however, they need your help! Organize an event and raise money and send the proceeds to these organizations where they will use the money to help women get back on their feet.


Be aware

Nothing will ever change if people just ignore these issues. Make sure parents know about risks. Over 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade to make sure children walk home in groups and have a phone for emergencies.


Make sure everyone knows about it

Social Media and the Internet have a huge role in shaping the views of the public. Write an article. Make a video. Share a story. Make sure people know this is a worldwide problem and that that it’s something we all need to care about.




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