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My Thoughts On Jake Paul

If you haven’t seen Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul, you’ve definitely been living under a rock. I won’t be explaining what the series is about in detail but here’s a quick synopsis: Shane explores the possibility that the rambunctious internet celebrity and CEO of Team 10 Jake Paul may be a sociopath. Shane interviewed a mental health specialist, past Team 10 members and even Jake Paul himself. The almost 10 hours of footage on YouTube from this series is a crazy ride, from Jake’s family to his ex-girlfriend to all the scandals he’s been involved in, this series covers it ALL.

Although I wasn’t a subscriber of Jake’s, or even in his target market, I had heard about him and understood his reputation. I will admit that I did watch the video for “It’s Everyday Bro” before Shane’s series and have seen some of Jake’s brother’s Logan’s music videos dissing Jake. I think like most avid YouTube fans, I had an opinion on Jake. I wouldn’t watch his videos and didn’t like him because he seemed too wild, too immature and honestly a little annoying.

After watching Shane’s series, I understand more about Jake Paul. Am I his target market of audience? No, so I still will probably not be a subscriber but I definitely don’t hate him or see him as a bad person. He’s human. I think Shane’s video did the opposite of what it originally intended; instead of finding out Jake is a sociopath, we found out he was just a normal guy like the rest of us. You find out that he isn’t being a d*** and bullying his friends, most of the time they’re in on the pranks because they’re planned. He has normal emotions and is somewhat calm most of the time, instead of the screaming and energetic personality that he puts on for the camera.

Overall, Shane’s video did an incredible job of exposing Jake to a whole new audience. He now has people’s respect and approval. I believe that there will be less “beef” on the internet because this video showed that even two creators whose content is very different can get along and relate to each other more than they ever thought they could. It shows that we all are alike in some ways, and that every person deserves a chance. Even the annoying YouTubers that you may not like, like Jake Paul.

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