Must Shop Black Friday Deals

It is getting to that time of the year. The time where we have to start brainstorming what we are going to buy our family and friends for Christmas. The issue with Christmas shopping while in college is the fact that a lot of us are short on money, and we would love to buy more than just a $5 coffee mug for our mom and dad for Christmas. So, lucky for you I have decided to put together a list of some stores that are having massive sales for Black Friday, so you can go out and get your loved ones (or yourself) good presents while saving hundreds of dollars.

1. Nordstrom:

Although Nordstrom has not officially released a Black Friday ad yet, they have dropped some hits and some markdowns that they will be having beginning on Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday. Some of these markdowns are GOOD. They will be doing price drops on some of their best selling brands such as Topshop, Nike, Madewell, Sam Edelman, and many more! Along with these price drops, in the past years Nordstrom has had 50-60% off sales throughout the store. This is not confirmed as to whether or not they will be doing this again this year, but keep an eye out for that because you can’t miss a good 50% off items at Nordstrom because their products can tend to get very pricey. 

2. Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you are shopping for your boyfriend, brother, or your dad, a lot of the time your first thought is “I will go to Dick’s,” or that may just be my first thought every time I think of what to get the men of my family every year. Every year, Dick’s has a 25% off sale in their stores for Black Friday. Although 25% off does not seem like a lot compared to other stores, it is better than nothing when purchasing Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and other brands that Dick’s carries in their stores. 

3. American Eagle

Ah, American Eagle. This is where you can find me shopping for myself every Black Friday. On Black Friday, American Eagle will be offering 40% off the entire store, as well as free shipping. What is better than not only being able to Black Friday shop online from the comfort of your own bed? Not having to pay shipping for it!!! In the past, American Eagle offered 50% off sweaters, as well as 50% off the AEO collection, but they have not released whether they will be doing that again this year. I am a huge fan of American Eagle clothes, so having this deal every year is my favorite. A lot of their sweaters range from $30-$60, which is a little pricey for me while I am a college student on a budget, so being able to get 40% off these items makes it worthwhile for me to buy. So, if you like comfy cozy sweaters and you are looking to add some to your wardrobe for the winter, or maybe buy your sisters, friends, or mom a cozy sweater for Christmas, stop by your local American Eagle or just head over to

4. Apple Products (Through Amazon and Walmart)

If you have not gotten your hands on AirPods yet, Black Friday is your opportunity to do so! Not only it is your chance to get your hands on the new AirPods Pro, but you can save $15, also! They will be marked down to $234.98, which is still crazy expensive, but if you are considering buying yourself a pair of AirPods, this is your chance to buy them or ask for them for Christmas while they are on sale. Another Apple product that will be on sale for Black Friday is the Apple Series 3 Watch for $199 at Walmart. This deal will save you $100. Apple currently sells this watch for $299. As an owner of the 1st generation Apple Watch, this item is 100% worth the buy, especially for $199! I have had mine for over 3 years now and it still works perfectly fine for me with no issues, so personally I think it is worth every penny. 

5. Express

This is another sale that I take full advantage of every year on Black Friday. They have not released exactly what the deals will be, but they usually have a 50% off sale of the entire store. This is a huge sale if you are shopping for either just casual clothes or work clothes. This year, I will definitely be looking here for my business attire. They have some of the best quality slacks and blazers, and the fact that they are half the price, you MUST take advantage of this opportunity! Also, they have some of the best sweaters. I would compare the sweaters I have from Express to a Barefoot Dreams sweater because it is that good. These sweaters are not only cute and trendy, but also some of the comfiest sweaters I have ever owned.