Miko Breski '16

Today’s Campus Profile is the one and only Miko Breski!  

Age: 23


Year: Senior. Graduation in December


Major: Communication


Relationship Status: In a relationship, Derek Krzysiak (PSB ’14)


Hometown: Erie, PA       


Campus Involvement:

I’ve been involved in a lot of clubs and organizations throughout my time at Behrend. From THON and BVZ to Lion Entertainment Board and Student Government along with Being a Lion Scout. I have also worked in Admissions and the Office of Student Activities, both of which I have held internships along with working outside of those internships.


What made you want to get involved?

My drive for involvement came from the people who I hung out with during my first few years at Behrend. They were highly involved and brought me to different events and then I fell in love with meeting new people as well as learning how to handle different tasks and helping with events.

Just from getting involved I have been afforded the opportunity to help with events on campus and meet different faculty and staff from around the entire Penn State system, including Penn State University Board of Trustees members. I have also been afforded the opportunity to carry the Penn State Behrend Flag on the field at Beaver Stadium during the 2015 All-U Day football game in 2015.



What are your future career plans?

I don’t really have a set future planned out for myself other than moving to Connecticut after graduation. From there I want to look into working at a college or university. I would like to work in admissions as a counselor because of the time that I have spent working in Admissions here on campus.



How would your significant other describe you?

I totally cheated and asked him. “I would describe you as a natural extrovert that can easily make friends in any setting. You're a hardworking guy who doesn't accept the shortcomings of society and actively works in your community for a better tomorrow.” – Derek K.




What have you learned about being in a relationship?

I have learned a lot from my relationship. The first year we were dating we were both at Behrend so things were easier. But after that year we were long distance for a year while Derek was in Cleveland and now he lives in Connecticut so it’s a little more challenging but doable. We’ve been fortunate to see each other a lot since Derek moved away and we have been able to make it work.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about being in a long distance relationship is that communication is key. 


What activities do you enjoy outside of school?

Outside of school and work, I love listening to music and hanging out with friends. But with this being my last semester I have been living in the library.







Any pet peeves?

Probably but they come and go spontaneously.


Describe your typical Friday night.

Usually I’m hanging out either at my apartment with friends or going out downtown. We hang out at Plymouth mostly because they have AMAZING pizza logs.

How do you feel about graduating?

I’m excited to graduate! I’m so close to graduation that I have to stave off senioritis and stay buckled down. The biggest part as of now, besides staying up on my grades, has been job searching. For now I’m still searching but hopefully something will come along!


What advice would you like to share with our readers?

I would say that it is most important during college to be as involved as your schedule will allow. Even if you go to a club/organization that you thought you would love but actually hate it, that’s okay! The biggest part is that you went and potentially made friends. Those potential friends could end up being the best friendship/networking opportunity you could have! 


Thanks for the interview Miko! HCXO