Megan's Bachelor Review

We’re only four episodes deep into what is promised ~as usual~ to be the “most DRAMATIC season yet”. If you watched all three, or haven’t watched them at all, I’m gonna review everything that’s happened so far and my opinions on everything. Let’s start from the beginning: Night One. 

Source: Fox News

Almost every Bachelor fan I know loves the first night. It’s exciting and most of the time very entertaining. The wacky entrances that some of these girls come up with are WILD. Some of the craziest that stood out to me were one girl showing up as a windmill (yeah, they bring up the windmill A LOT), Tammy showed up wearing angel wings because she was just “winging it”,  and one girl thought that Peter would be nervous so she brought her emotional support animal which just happened to be a cow named Ashley. Madison rode in on a paper airplane, while another girl rode a red convertible. Three different flight attendants came into the house, and made some interesting impressions. Savannah went bold by bringing Peter a bunch of condoms and Victoria F. said her humor was dry but a certain part of her body was not. Yes I did cringe at that moment. A shocking, and confusing, moment was when Hannah B. (the last Bachelorette and the girl that broke Peter’s heart) stepped out of the limo. She made it clear she wasn’t there to stay but that she came to bring back Peter’s wings that he gave her the first night of last season. It was a sweet moment that I really thought was cute. Most people were a little hesitant on if they liked seeing Hannah again, and then she came back AGAIN. There’s definitely no way in hell that she had anything to do with her coming back, I think that was definitely producers. If it wasn’t, then Hannah really has some major issues and apparently likes being hurt. I know though that Peter and Hannah’s “deep talk” from night one wasn’t staged, if it was there would’ve been better lighting for all of it instead of being in a dark room. I don’t want to give any spoilers to the rest of the show so I just wanna list off some of my favorite moments so far in the show: 

5. Victoria P’s “traumatic” time on the tea cups

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There is no way in hell that Victoria P. was THAT traumatized by her time on the tea cups, I get it that producers have to make the show more interesting but that was a little too much. But seeing Peter comfort her was kinda cute! I also do not wanna talk about how dumb all of them seemed during the trivia part of the group date, do better ladies. 

4. Peter’s Parents


You can’t even say one bad thing about his parents, they are the cutest couple EVER. I love every single second that they are featured on the show and I literally can’t wait until the end where they get to meet the top two. 

3. Kelley being Joe Goldberg 2.0 from ‘You’

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I know, I know they “ran into each other before filming on accident, what a coincidence!!” bitch it’s Hollywood there are no coincidences, she probably stalked him and knew he’d be there. She is the female version of Joe Goldberg. 

2. Champagne-gate

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Not only was this whole thing blown out of proportion by Kelsey, she was the one who ended up with Champagne all over her. It made for a very gif-able moment that will live on forever. I also love it because Kelsey has a striking resemblance to my psycho sister, so seeing this embarrassing moment was kinda rewarding in a way?

  1. The Devil works hard but The Bachelor producers work harder. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

There is NO WAY that producers didn’t know that Victoria F.’s ex was Chase Rice, and they 100% put him as the performance for her one-on-one on purpose. Was it jaw dropping? HELL YEAH. Do I feel bad? Kinda. It’s super awkward but honestly my favorite moment so far, sorry not sorry?