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High School was full of useless drama and unruly girls just waiting to start problems. I guarantee that everyone can still remember that one person that made them feel upset about themselves. It could have been just one sly comment or a lifetime of degrading rumors but whatever the case, it has stayed with you. Now that we’ve finally made it to college, you’d think those mean girls would finally disappear, move on, or grow up. Sadly that isn't the case.

    In college, those kinds of girls still exist. They’ll still walk by and look you up and down in the bathroom just to make sure that their party attire is better than yours, or they’ll boast about their grades and classes making sure you feel dumber than them. No matter where you go, or what you do,  they will exist, but this needs to stop!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up to feel your best, but we must understand that obtaining our degrees is more important than our appearance. Some people like to think that the only important thing and the best way to succeed in college is to be the most attractive and popular person on campus. That might have been how it was in high school, but those rules don't apply in college. Your professor doesn't care if you show up in sweatpants or not. What they care about is your work effort.


I don't want to see you eyeing me up and down with a disgusted look on your face because I'm wearing pajamas to my 8 a.m. class because at least I’m trying to make it to class on time. If you're running in late because you couldn't figure out what shirt to wear, your professor isn't going to notice your new Forever 21 tee, they're only going see that you were late. Your lip liner game isn't going to help you keep your grades up, so please stop giving nasty looks for those who don't want to dress up.

A college life is already stressful as is, it doesn't need to be made even more stressful by placing all these standards on one another. For example, making people feel like they've made a bad career choice in your eyes, or that they didn't get a high grade on that last quiz like you did, doesn't make you better. That makes you a crappy person. Focus on your own grades, because those are the only ones that matter.

College also isn't full of random people you might not see again like high school. Some of these people have the same career path as you, and may even end up in the same position as you. These other students may very well become your co-workers one day, and in the future when you're behind on your work and no one lends you a helping hand, I won't feel bad about it.

To top it off, we're all living in a world where the pressure for girls to succeed is immense! So why would you bring down others when we could be building each other up? The competition isn't whether the girl sitting next to you in calculous has better skin than you, the competition is with other people out there trying to get the same job as you. So instead of trying to tear her down to build yourself up, try supporting each other to be the best you the two of you can be.

    College is about growing and discovering who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. If the continuation of petty behavior doesn't stop, how can we expect to grow as new people? We all need to grow up, and that means dropping the attitude and spreading support and kindness instead. Let's be real, mean girls are meaningless. Let's be meaningful people instead.

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