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A Little Color Never Killed Nobody

When we think of Lilly Pulitzer, fun patterns, bright color schemes, and summer all come to mind. Unfortunately for us, summer is long gone and as we breeze through fall, society might say it’s time to give up our beloved Lilly. However, we have decided that just because the seasons are changing, that doesn’t mean that our fashion favorites have to change as well! Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re wearing Lilly in November… wasn’t that supposed to be packed away with our white pants and seersucker dresses after labor day? We have decided to skirt the rules, and live by the words of Lilly herself, “It’s always summer somewhere!”

Although we don’t recommend wearing a shift to class, an Elsa top is a nice way to ease into your fall style. Pair it with a fun (Lilly) scarf or your favorite statement necklace (Elsa’s look beautiful with your monogram, too) and you’ll be sure to win best dressed no matter what the occasion is! They’re available in all your favorite prints that make you want to spike the punch and dance on tables all year long… We recommend you pick up one (or ten!)


Every girl knows that a classic tank and a cute cardigan can go a long way in the fall, and Lilly helps you do it with an extra splash of color! Toss on your favorite Lilly tank, layer with a cozy cardigan, grab that PSL and head to campus! Class, style, and smarts are actually what Lilly girls are made of.

Erie, Pennsylvania, as we all know, is basically famous for it’s bipolar weather. And if you’re anything like us, sometimes it’s more than a struggle to give up wearing dresses every day. So when the temperature has an unexpected spike, have no fear because Lilly is here! The Irina Shift Dress looks adorable, and mighty comfortable! Just throw on a cute pair of riding boots and some cozy socks and you can be out the door in no time (just as soon as you stop hitting snooze..)!

We all know how it feels to be a broke college student. If you need some extra Lilly in your life, but don’t want to break the bank, pick up an accessory or two whenever you want to treat yourself. Our personal favorites are the Murfee scarves! We’re also obsessing over the cute phone cases and wristlets. Keep summer at your side even when winter is on it’s way!


So when fall turns to winter, and the cold is getting you down, rememer what Lilly said; “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.” 



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