Let's Talk: Body Count

For centuries, women have been told that you should only have sex with one man in your life - your husband. Obviously, we live in a completely different society nowadays. We live in a world where casual sex is no longer taboo and where almost 65% of people lose their virginity by 18. So if we live in a somewhat sexually open society, why is the infamous “body count” so scary to share?



For those who do not know what a body count is, it is the number of partners that one has had sex with. This number, however, can be a very big deal for some people. Some worry that their number is too small, and they are often worried that their partners will think they are inexperienced. Others like to keep their number a secret in fear that it is too big and are afraid of being slut shamed. There is even a designated formula to help you change your number to something more “acceptable” (multiply it by 2 and divide it by 3)



So why are these numbers so important? THEY ARE NOT. People are obsessed with impressing others and being everyone else’s idea of perfect but why not just be you? Sex is so often characterized as bad and dirty but it’s not. It is natural and creates pleasure. Pleasure is not bad and if someone decides to find that pleasure, that’s their choice and no one else’s business. It doesn’t matter if she slept with 2 guys or 20 guys. It is her business and no one else’s.



I am not saying you have to go and yell your body count across the lands but own what you do. Like I said, it doesn’t matter if your number is 2 or 20. Do what you want and what will make you happy. Just remember have fun and be safe.



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