Kris Motta Torok

Have you seen a woman down in Student Activities who always has a smile on her face? Or the woman giving information about Stand for State? Well, she is none other than our own Kris Motta Torok.

Kris Motta Torok is originally from Pittsburgh, PA , but has since moved to Erie. She has been married for 16 years to her husband Russ, together they have a 14 year old son named Nicholas and a dog named Sadie who is 7 months old. Kris enjoys crocheting and cooking in her limited free time.

Degree(s): Communication Arts (BA) Counseling and Psychology (MS) from Gannon University

Occupation: Director of Student Activities and Reed Union Building Manager/ Advisor of SGA/ Oversee and Coordinate Behrend Speaker Series, Oversee and Coordinate Stand for State at PSB


How long have you been at Behrend?

21 years. I started out as the Assistant Director of Student Activities and only oversaw a few people, then was promoted to Associate Director of student activities, and I have worked with Greek life, LEB, and the commuter council when it existed.


Tell us a bit about Green Dot?

Green Dot is a bystander intervention to help students intervene when they see situations that might be concerning using the green dot method which uses the 3 D’s; Delegate, Distract, Direct in order to de-escalate the situation


How does Green Dot help the students of Penn State Behrend?

It helps students be aware of situations around them and act in ways that fit in their comfort zone. Our goal is to make safety a norm for every student at Penn State Behrend, it was established to help prevent situations of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking


Tell us about your involvement with Green Dot?

I went to a four day training module in November 2016 where and I was trained on how to give these presentations on how to use the Green Dot method. Having a child myself, I want not only to make him feel and be safe, but all students on campus as well.


What do you do as the advisor to the Student Government Association?

As advisor, I help guide the students to be successful and to operate within the goals that they have set for themselves and within their constitution. I try to be a resource to all the students when they lack and seek further information, and I am proud to be the advisor to such a great group of student leaders.


What has been your favorite thing about your time here at Penn State Behrend?

It’s hard to choose, but my favorite thing about my job is the students. They teach me new things every day and they help keep me young and energized, it has been such a great experience working with all these amazing individuals. I love reminiscing about how much the campus has changed - the gamer’s lounge used to be a commercial radio station and the club hub used to be a game room and Bruno’s used to be referred to as “the gorge”


Thank you so much Kris for sitting down with me and for the wonderful interview! HCXO