Kara Campanaro '21

This week's profile is fun, full of life, and new to Behrend! Even though she is only a freshman, Kara Campanaro is already starting to pave her own legacy.

Name: Kara Campanaro

Major: Management

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Year: Freshman

Hall: Lawrence



Color: Pink

Animal: Dogs

Season: Fall, Pumpkin spice everything!

Netflix Movie: The Best of Me


If you could travel anywhere right this moment, where would you go?

Somewhere tropical, I want to sit by the pool with a pina colada. Somewhere exotic!


What are some of your favorite things to do?

Going shopping, getting my nails done, watching Netflix and the Pittsburgh Penguins. When I’m on my phone my favorite apps are Pinterest and YouTube


Why did you come to Behrend?

I decided to first come to Behrend because my older sister (Krista Campanaro) was here. It was a good distance from home, far enough that I feel on my own but close enough that I can come home on the weekends. I also like the class size and overall campus atmosphere.

What is your relationship like with your older sister?

We weren’t close at all growing up because of the age gap, we got a lot closer when she went off to college. Now we like going to the mall together, getting our nails done, and I’m really glad we are at the same campus together. She can show me around and tell me where to go to eat and what professors to take - things you wouldn’t know if you didn’t go here.  


How has been adjusting to the dorm life been since coming here?

It’s SUPER hot! You really have to adjust to where everything is and how to navigate, I still have to figure out how I’m getting my laundry down four flights of stairs. But I really wanted to make my dorm cute and comfortable. Putting up pictures and things that reminded me of home really helped. The fan also goes a long way!


What’s been the biggest adjustment since leaving home?

Not immediately having friends is really hard, you have to meet them and trying to carry a conversation with someone you just met can be challenging. Most of the time it’s filled with awkward lulls in conversation or a quick hello. It makes me really miss my best friend, I can’t just call her and ask to hang out when I’m lonely.


What are your goals for this year?

To meet new people, and hopefully some really good friends. I’m challenging myself to try new things, get involved, and get out of my comfort zone. I also hope to do really well in my classes.


How is college different than what you expected?

People aren’t as willing to talk as I thought, everyone is as awkward and shy as I am so it makes it tough to meet new friends.


What are you are excited about?

Bingo! I really want to win free stuff. Plus I’m super competitive. I’d love a TV or a Keurig for my room.  


Are you thinking of joining any clubs?

Project Paws because dogs are super cute and I want to volunteer. Now I’m also thinking about joining Her Campus too.


Is there anything that makes you nervous?

I’m nervous about not having clothes because the laundry room is so far away, there’s so many steps on campus in general. And when it snows I’m paranoid about slipping.

What do you want to do once you graduate school?

Work for the Pittsburgh Penguins! Our house has been Penguin fans for years, we go to a few games every year and I’ve watched us win three cups. I went to my first game pretty young and have loved the game ever since.


Lookout Behrend! There is a new freshman in town ready to create her own legacy. Who run the world? Girls!