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The Importance of Learning a Second Language

There are many advantages that are associated with knowing a second language. Many people across the world know more than language, on average in Europe the normal person speaks around 3 to 4 languages, while in America it is about 1.5 languages.



Knowing more than one language can increase your mental capacity, aka makes you smarter, reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and increase multitasking abilities. All of these things help the average person become more cultured and more open to change and to new things. There are better opportunities to be had whenever you are able to communicate with people in their language and do not make a fool out of yourself trying to order dinner.



Throughout most of my life I have known both Spanish and English. I learned English as a young girl and it turned out to be not too complicated to do so. It took me roughly three months to learn the language and communicate in an effective and in a clear manner. I have always had a love for languages and find myself able to understand the romance languages and able to hold a very extremely basic conversation in German. I love the ability to speak more than one language and believe that everyone should also learn and educate themselves on worldly issues.


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