I Watched AHS Season 9, and Here is What I Thought

With autumn starting to approach, I am constantly getting more and more excited as the days pass. The cold yet warm weather it my favorite time of the year.  The reason why is because it’s almost fall, and do you know what fall time means? It means that American Horror Story is back on! I absolutely love American Horror Story, I have been watching all of the seasons since day one. I have stuck with them through all the good and the bad seasons, and I am hoping that this season will not disappoint! 


Image from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9g14iaqt3s


 This season, the theme is AHS: 1984. It was no surprise that the influence of this season coming from ‘80s slasher films, mixed with going to a summer camp. In the first episode, they introduce all of the characters and also take them to a campground where the show will be taking place. The campground is called Camp Redwood. Camp Redwood was shut down for years, due to a mass murder that had happened there. It reopened, and the lady that bought it was actually a victim of the serial killer, Mr. Jingles that attacked there years before. She was able to survive the attack and try to make the camp a happy place again like it was before the murders.




Image from:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9g14iaqt3s


This season, to me, has a real horror movie vibe to it. It is basing its theme off of real life

events and stories that could have, or have already happened. The reason I fell in love with American Horror Story in the first place was the story that season one told. It was scary, and easy to follow. While season one’s story line was not very life like, it was also not so far fetched like other seasons have been. I am hoping that this season is like the original seasons, and does not try and get too complicated like previous seasons. 


    So far, this seems like it’s going to be a really interesting season. The past couple of seasons of American Horror Story have let a lot of people down, but I have high hopes for this season. One thing you might have noticed is they have changed their OG theme song. It is a more 80s themed beat which really threw me for a loop. The only downfall of AHS: 1984 is that we lost Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, they are not included in this season. However, I’m really looking forward to what Ryan Murphy has in store for us! I feel that he will play a huge role in bringing the story to life!