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How to Positively Deal With a Bad Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

Some days can be harder than others. Sometimes more days are harder than easier, and that is okay. What I have found out as I have gotten older, it is all about how you deal with those days that truly shows the person you are. I have realized that I am a person who likes to throw myself a “pity party” for about 20 minutes to an hour, and then I want to forget about it all and get over it. Sounds easy, right? I know it is not that easy all the time. There are days when even an hour long pity party is not enough to make it better, but I do like to try to do things to make it better. 

There was one specific day about a month ago where I was having a really bad day and laid in my bed until 2 pm. I did not want to get up at all, but I knew I had to. I knew that I could not sulk in my sorrows for the whole day, so I got up and started my day. That day taught me a lot. It taught me that although you can be having the worst day ever, you can make the most of it and feel a lot better. 

These are some ideas of how to positively deal with a bad day from my personal experience:

Get out of bed!!!

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This is the most important thing to do when you are having a bad day. Laying in bed all day will not make it better, so the most you can do is get yourself up out of a dark room and go sit outside, or even just getting up and making your bed and opening your blinds can change your mood (at least a little bit.)


This is a go-to of mine when I am having a bad day. Cleaning is one of the biggest stress relievers for me because it sometimes helps me get my mind off of whatever is bothering me at that time. It also helps you feel 10x better when you have a clean house and environment you are in.

Write in a journal

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Estée Janssens
Sometimes you don’t want to talk to people about some things, and you would rather just keep it to yourself. Writing in a journal can help you release your thoughts and get whatever you want to say off your chest without actually saying it to someone. I personally do not have a diary that I freely write my thoughts down in, but I have a journal that is specifically for having a bad day. For example, there is one thing in it that is “name 5 things that bring joy to your life.” Writing these things down and realizing what good and happiness you have in your life can completely change your day and your mood.

Take a shower

Everyone needs a good cry in the shower sometimes, and that is okay. I find that if I am very upset about something and want to cry, I resort to the shower. When I get out of the shower, I usually feel like a brand new person with a whole new mood. It helps me release all my emotions and kind of get on with my day and make it better.

Go on a walk/workout

Todd Kent
The gym is my safe haven when I am having a rough day. I feel like I get the best workout when I am in a bad mood or just not having a good day. Work off your anger or sadness, and you will feel like a different person when you leave the gym. 

We are all human. We all have bad days here and there. It is just how we react and deal with our bad days that determine who we are. If there is someone out there reading this article right now who is having a bad day, I am sorry, but I know you will get through this and there are better days to come.


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