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The Holiday Season: More Than Just Christmas

What do you think of when you think of December? Many of us picture wrapped gifts, beautiful lights and massive trees, but the month has so much more to offer than just christmas. Many cultures have important holidays in December and it’s time to learn a bit more about those.


Fiesta of Our Lady Guadalupe

Celebrated by those in the Mexican Community

December 12th

This festival is one of the most lively and spiritual events in Mexico. Millions travel to Mexico City to visit the shrine that sits on top of the Tepeyac Hill. Although many go to simply pay tribute, dancers come from across the world to perform and entertain our Lady Guadalupe.


Celebrated by those in the Jewish Community

25th day of Kislev (2018: December 2nd- December 10th)

Although not as popular as Christmas, this is definitely a holiday that you have heard of. The holiday is celebrated over 8 days in which families light candles, eat delicious foods featuring olive oil and gifts.


Celebrated by those in the African Community

December 26th – January 1st

This celebration is all about Unity. Those who celebrate, celebrate with food, gifts and of course quality time with family to remember and celebrate where they came from. When the family is together, they strive to honor their community and those who are in it.


Celebrated by those in the Japanese Community

December 31st

This holiday is all about cleansing before the new years. Some will clean, repay debts and even spiritually cleanse in hopes of having a good and prosperous year. Before the year officially changes, family gather to celebrate the New Year together.

Boxing Day

Celebrated by those in the European Community

December 26th


Although many aren’t familiar holiday, it is a national Bank Holiday. It is a day to spend with family and friends and to eat up all the leftovers of Christmas Day. So, what is the reference to boxing? Rather than saying gifts, some refer to them as boxes and historically, this was the day that lower classes were given boxes, along with the day off.

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