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“Heartbreak Weather”: A Full Album Review

Niall Horan blessed all of our ears on March 13, 2020 with his album called “Heartbreak Weather”. I’m here to give you all my honest review on all the songs and some background on what the songs are about. Even though I love Niall very much and have since I was 11, I’m going to try my best to be unbiased and really dive deep into my thoughts on the songs. 

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“Heartbreak Weather”

Let’s start with the title track and the first song on the album. Right off the bat, it gives me a slight “Change Your Ticket” from One Direction’s album “Four” vibes. I think it’s just because of the techno sound to the music, but it could just be me! The lyrics definitely don’t sound like “Change Your Ticket” though.

I thought by the title that this song would be sad and moody but it’s the exact opposite! It’s talking more about finding someone who gets you out of your “Heartbreak Weather” and makes you fall in love with them. I think my favorite line is “it feels different when you're with me” because it kinda perfectly describes that although you're in the same place, being with the right person can make it feel completely different. Would rate the song a solid 8/10, can definitely jam out to this with friends, vibe to it or even cry if you’re really upset over a special someone. I could see this song doing really well on charts and being played on the radio!

“Black and White”

Alright, on to track number 2! Ok so I was vibing with this song at the beginning of it, BUT WHEN THE BEAT SPEEDS UP OH MY GOD I WAS SO INTO IT. This may sound weird, but this song makes me want to dance around in the pouring rain in a sundress with someone I love. I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s what I see when I hear this song. It’s definitely a good jam and I can see myself getting too into it while driving. I think it is also a really sweet song about being in love with someone and seeing how amazing they are. Honestly it makes me want a cute boyfriend like Niall Horan. 10/10, love this song!

“Dear Patience”

On to number 3 baby! This song starts off seeming like it’s gonna be a slow, heartfelt song-which it is, partially. The tempo definitely speeds up a bit, but it is still a song directly from the heart. It’s a really sweet song talking about how much he loves someone but that there are struggles with any relationship including patience, anxiety, communication issues, and a lot more. I really like this song but it’s not my favorite, I would give it a 7/10-definitely could fit other people’s taste!

“Bend the Rules”

Track number 4!! OKAY THE WAY NIALL’S VOICE IS RASPY IN THIS SONG REALLY HITS DIFFERENT I can’t even lie about it like the beginning is so hot. I honestly think with different music, like more guitar a little less artificial beat, this could be an amazing country song. I could see someone like Kane Brown or Dustin Lynch singing a song with the exact same lyrics. I think it sounds could with the music he put with it but it definitely reminds me of country lyrics which isn’t strange for Niall (he even had a song with country singer Maren Morris on his last album)! This song makes me want to slow dance in a cute hometown bar with a guy, yes this album is making me want a boyfriend. 8/10!!

“Nice to Meet Ya”

I think everyone and their mothers have heard this song. It’s blown up and been all over the radio and pop playlists on Spotify. This song radiates confidence, everytime I listen to it I want to go strut down a crowded street (this won’t happen anytime soon thanks to social distancing) with everyone turning to look at me. If you need a confidence boost, a good song to jam to at a pre-game or getting ready, THIS IS IT. Even though I’ve listened to it a million times, I still let it play every time it comes up on shuffle. I love it and think it’s so different for Niall to put out. 9/10!!

“Put a Little Love on Me”

This song was also released as a single and was played on the radio quite a bit, but it’s a completely different vibe from “Nice to Meet Ya”. I think it was an interesting choice to release both as singles, I think it shows both sides to Niall and his music-super catchy and very heartfelt. This song definitely pulls on your heartstrings even if you’re not in a relationship, or have even been a serious relationship. I think it hits everyone because we’ve all been in situations where we feel alone and in need of loving, especially from one specific person that seems to make everything better. 8.5/10!!

“Arms of Stranger”

This song gives me 90s boy band breakup/heartbreak song and I’M HERE FOR IT. It’s about someone using a stranger to get over the person who broke their heart. I feel like a lot of people can relate to this because so many people use unhealthy coping mechanisms like sleeping with strangers or heavy drinking to get over someone. The song has raw emotion and makes you want to belt out the chorus. I want to drive around sad blasting this song to cry. 9/10!!!


This song makes me want to just jump up and down and let out all my energy, especially after a hard day or a fight with a loved one. It’s the perfect song to let out all your emotions to and has a great beat to run, jump or let out all your frustrations while staying on beat. I think the meaning of the song also hits home with a lot of people because after a break up or fight, it seems you only can think of that person and see them “everywhere”. 7.5/10!!!

"Cross Your Mind"

To be honest, this was my favorite song the first time that I listened to the album. I don't know what it is but I love the beat, the 70’s vibe that I get from it, Niall’s raspy voice in the beginning or the lyrics. I just love it all so much. I think the song fits me to a T and it’s my absolutely favorite on the album. Everyone needs to go listen to it ASAP. 10/10!!!!

"New Angel"

Off the bat, it sounds kinda like a Shawn Mendes song. Makes sense since they do have man crushes on each other. But the beat that kicks in is sick and I absolutely love it. I get 70s vibes like “Cross Your Mind”, you may disagree with me but I think it sounds like a modern twist on it, not identical to it. This song makes me want to dance around, it’s definitely a jam to get down to. It feels like going dancing and trying to find someone new to get over an ex, which I support. 9/10!!!

"No Judgement"


Another single off the album!! It does remind me of Ed Sheeran but I definitely like it! I like the message of the song that you don’t need to try and impress the person you love and there shouldn’t be any judgement in a relationship. I can get down to the beat, it’s definitely a jam to dance to! I think it’s super catchy and makes sense why he released it as a single and why it’s having a lot of commercial success!! 8.5/10!!

"San Francisco" 

The piano in the beginning reminds me of something that Elton John would sing (almost sounds like “Tiny Dancer”). The entire song kinda sounds like it could’ve been sung by One Direction, not gonna lie. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but I definitely could have seen this song on one of their albums. It’s a really good song either way, and it definitely means a lot because its a slower, more heartfelt song on the album. I’m not really sure what exactly happened in San Francisco but would have loved to be the girl he’s talking about. 7.5/10!!


I like the guitar strumming simplicity of this song, it makes it very calming and light to listen to. It feels like a stripped down, acoustic song almost which is nice after listening to the entire album. The lyrics are really powerful and I think the simplicity of the music helps to emphasize them really well. I really enjoy this song in all of its glory, and I think it does a really great job at rounding out the album. 8.5/10!!

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