Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Recap

The two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy can be summed up in two words: amazing and heartbreaking.  


For the first time in a while on Grey's the finale of a season (season 14) didn't end in absolute disaster, even though Arizona and Kepner did leave. This has made the fandom think of all the ways things can go wrong because its Shondaland and we all know there must be a twist this season.  

The first episode perfectly sums up the main components of Grey’s: Romance (and love triangles), death and despair, and hot ass doctors. Speaking of which we have two new additions to the hospital: Ortho “God” Dr Atticus Link and Dr Nico Kim. I’m sorry but I refuse to acknowledge anyone except Callie as the “Ortho God”. Also, how beautiful is Dr Kim! However, I think we can all agree these two will never compare to McDreamy and McSteamy.  

As for the patients, in episode 1 there is a girl on a bike, who honestly is every fan watching the show ever (you know what I'm talking about), and there is a matchmaker. In classic Grey’s fashion, we are given backstories and hope and then all hell breaks loose, and someone ends up dying. However, this episode one of the doctors particularly had an emotional breakdown after bonding with said patient.

As for our fav couple #Jolex their storyline is tied up nicely this episode too. All the fans expected them to leave for Boston, but it seems like Shonda realized we cannot just have Meredith from the OG intern group left on the show. Joe lands a new fellowship with her “Future of Medicine Pitch” and Alex ends up becoming Chief! Well, Interim Chief but still.  

Of course, we can’t forget Owen and Amelia! They reveal their feelings towards each other and I personally think they are made for each other...sorry Teddy. And finally, in the sweetest “aww” moment ever Jackson and Maggie profess their love for each other.  

All in all, this Grey’s premiere was somewhat the perfect representation of what Grey’s Anatomy is. There were moments of humor and comic relief as well as scenes of intense drama and moral dilemmas which have the whole fandom coming back for more. This season seems to have a more comical and happier vibe to it, after all, it is named “the season of love”. Then again it is Shonda Rhimes so who knows what will happen next...fingers crossed!