The Glorious Golden Girls

Ever since Spotify announced that they would be offering Hulu with their Student Premium subscription, I have been glued to my TV. I came across Golden Girls and I am hooked. The sitcom stars three older women and one of their mothers that comes to live with them when her nursing home burns down. I personally have not gotten through the entire series,  but it won’t take me long because I honestly cannot stop watching the show. There are so many witty comebacks and overall heartfelt moments. Here are a few reasons why you should also watch this larger than life show:


1. Betty White is in it


Do I really need to say more other than Betty freaking White is in this? No? Okay moving on.



2. The girls are so relatable it hurts. Plus Sophia is a hoot.


Rose (played by my girl Betty White) is a widow from Iowa, Blanche (played by Rue McClanahan) is a southern belle that just recently became a widow, and Dorothy (played by Bea Arthur) is a divorcee whose mother Sophia (played by Estelle Getty) moves in with the girls about a year after they move in together.



3. The humor


The whole sitcom is honestly hilarious. Granted some of the jokes do go over my head, I blame that on me being 22 and not having been born in this country, but they are still super funny after I Google them.



4. The outfits and the hair


I constantly find myself wondering how in the world these women get their hair to be so big and their shoulder pads to be even bigger. I hear these trends are making a comeback and I could not be more excited, however, I do not think I could ever get my hair as big as Blanche’s.



5. The friendship


A huge aspect of the series is the fact that the three women are very close friends. Although they originally all answered an ad in a grocery store and were perfect strangers, they all quickly became very close friends. There are times when one of the women almost gets married, or another is on the verge of moving out, in the end, they stick together like true friends, pals, and confidants.



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