Girl Speak

What we are saying, when we aren't saying it


Over the years, I have had my fair share of fights, especially with boyfriends. All these fights, however, could have been avoided, if the guy simply read my mind and knew what I was trying to say (It’s not very hard Chad). Unfortunately, most men think that this is impossible so for the meantime, here is a list of keywords and phrases to look out for if she is being cryptic.

  • “It’s whatever”

Let’s Start with a common one. It’s whatever. If she says this, it is probably not whatever. It is probably very not whatever. Chances are something is currently irritating her but she also doesn’t want to make a huge thing of it.


“How’s your drink?”

“It’s whatever” (It’s not whatever. It is gross and I really do not like it but I don’t want to be rude)





  • “I’m fine”

This one is similar to “It’s whatever”. If she says I’m fine, She’s probably not fine. If she says it with attitude and an angry look in her eye, she is very not fine and you should be scared. You, or someone, made her mad and she’s so mad, she has officially became passive aggressive.


“You seem upset?”

“I’m fine…” (I am very upset, figure it out. It’s pretty obvious if you ask me.




“I’m almost ready, give me like 10 minutes”

You’ll realize that this one means about 30 minutes later when you are still sitting in the living room and you're running late. She’s not ready. Honestly, she probably just got out the shower and it is going to be a lot more than 10 minutes.


“We need to leave soon,  how long are you going to be?”

“Just like 15 more minutes” (I still need to straighten my hair, get dressed and put on my fake eyelashes soooo… sit down)





  • “Maybe”

You asked something, didn’t you? Well sorry to break it to you, but the answer is probably no but she doesn’t want to seem rude or mean. She’s letting you think, that she is thinking about it but she made up her mind the moment you let the question out of your mouth.


“Do you want to go to Kevin’s house after dinner?”

“Uhh… maybe.” (No, I do not.)




  • “Do whatever you want”’

This is what can make or break a fight. She is giving you a chance to make the correct decision which can prevent any damage. When she says this, you might feel like you have a choice, but you don’t. She said there is no right answer, but if you choose wrong you will definitely regret. Hope you choose correctly.


“Our anniversary in next week but I forgot that I told my friends that I would hang that day.”

“I mean, do whatever you want.” (If you decide to go out with your friends, I will ruin your life…)




  • “I’m really tired…”

Whatever you just suggested, was a terrible idea and it's going to be a no on her part. She would probably be 100% for doing other things but it is too late. She is going to pretend like she spent the whole day at school and work and she is just going to lay in bed now and watch Hulu while eating chicken nuggets.


“John just called and he is having people over, want to go?”

“I just got home and I’m really tired.” (I don’t want to go but I don’t want want to fight about not wanting to hang with your friends.”


Hope you found this helpful!


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