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Girl Code is a set of rules that all girls are inately expected to follow. Following these rules show respect, kindness and consideration for friendships, however, when you break them, it could result in the lose of a friendship or even of an entire friend group. They are, for the most part, pretty basic rules that should be common sense, but sometimes we just need a good reminder on how to be a good friend, so here are some of the basic ones that any girl should know:


Rule 1: Look out for your friends when they are talking to a new guy

Whether this is by stalking him on Facebook, talking to his friends or even striking up a quick conversation with him, you should always make sure that your best friend is talking to a good quality guy.


Rule 2: Always tell your friend when you see not-so-perfect qualities in her perfect guy

If you do find something out through your intense stalking, MAKE SURE YOU TELL HER. That is your friend, you care about her, tell her everything you find out whether it’s something small like he doesn’t like chipotle and he grows very unappealing, uneven facial hair, to huge things like he’s engaged or has a child.


Rule 3: Always take care of your (a little too) drunk friends

Everyone has bad days; so don’t ignore your friend when she needs a cup of water, a hair band and a good visit to the toilet. Don’t get me wrong, I know it sucks taking care of people when you just want to have fun but hey, I bet you anything that that person has also taken care of you once or twice too.


Rule 4: ALWAYS rescue your friends from creepy guys

Do not ever leave your friend alone with a guy you wouldn’t want to be alone with. Nothing is worse than being bombarded by a guy who is being touchy, sloppy and overall creepy. This rule is crucial when going out. Want to know what is worse than a creep? A drunk, slurring, not able to walk straight so they fall all over you creep.


Rule 5: You do not try to date your friend’s ex/crush

This is probably one of the most wellknown girl code rules. It is simple. Unless you talk to her about it and she approves, dating someone’s ex could not only break your best friend’s heart, but it could also break a friendship.


Rule 6: Tell a girl if something looks a tad off

If someone has lipstick on her teeth or ever has her shirt on inside out, you should always tell her. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? Yes you would, so be a pal and make sure you tell her so she doesn’t get embarrassed.


Rule 7: Always build each other up, not tear each other down

This one is the most important of all rules. We live in a world filled with people who want to tear strong, driven women down so it is our job to do the opposite and build each other up. Do not call each other names, do not spread ridiculous rumors, and do not laugh when someone needs help. Let’s just all be nice and kind and let’s try to spread love rather than hate. Someone said that everyone is like a drop of water but together those drops could be a strong as an ocean. So let’s stick together and be one hell of an ocean.

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