(F)UNconventional Date Ideas

Sometimes coming up with ideas for dates can be hard. We all get caught up in the cycle of doing the same thing weekend after weekend. Here are some ideas to help go from another standard dinner and movie, to something you can seriously look forward to.


1. Baking Together

Sweet treats are fun for everyone. You get to work together to create something really tasty and even make a mess while you’re at it. Even if most of batter ends up on somebody rather than in the oven, you can have a fun time making a mess.


2. Going For a Walk

It may sound boring or outlandish this time of year, but it’s extremely rejuvenating. Sometimes you need to talk and you don’t even know it. Walking together gives you an opportunity to get out of the house and get your body moving, which this time of year can be hard. Whether it’s just around the block or at a scenic location, walking can help ease tensions by giving you a platform to talk to your partner without worrying about who might overhear or how long it will take. Try it, you might like it.


3. Paint Together

It might sound crazy but getting creative with your SO might help you see a new side of your relationship. You might discover that both of you are SERIOUSLY not artists, but you’re both super into artsy things. Even if the paintings don’t turn out well, at least now you can laugh at the end of the experience. You might even find joy in destroying your masterpieces, get creative.


4. Go Shopping For Nothing

Yes nothing, don’t even bring your purse in. You and your boo should take time to be silly and get all dressed up just to look in the changing room mirror and laugh. You may also get the inside scoop on the type of style they like you in, not that you have to follow but just for a new perspective. This may also help you get ahead on the next birthday present you have to buy for them. If something draws their eye more than once, maybe it is something they’d like.


5. Exercise Together

Exercising with a partner makes the entire process more enjoyable, and having your other half there might help even more. Sometimes that cute face can help push you that extra mile- both literally and figuratively. So help your relationship, while you help yourself to an awesome workout.

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