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Glasses can be both functional and fashionable even for those on a strict budget. Don’t be afraid to embrace your style without emptying your wallet. With that being said, here are some of our writers’ favorite frames!



Here are some of my favorite glasses, they are all cute and will keep you up with the trend not to mention all pretty in budget for college students:


Let’s talk about Zenni Optical. They are a very cheap online eyeglass shop that has a pair of glasses for everyone. You can also get 10% off when you sign up with an Email!!

Here are some of my favs:


1. Tortoiseshell Browline Glasses, they are less than $20 and will look amazing on anyone’s face.  



2. Everyone always wants trendy clear glasses, well here is a pair for less than $10




3. We can’t make a list of on-trend glasses without including a pair of aviators, this pair comes in at 7 dollars! These glasses are all perfect choices for college students who cant afford to drop their whole paycheck on a pair of glasses.




5. Now, this pair is a little more expensive, coming in at about $30. They are a cute pair of round glasses with a thin gold rim. It will fulfill your urge for that perfect pair of oversized round glasses without breaking the budget.




5. The last pair for you today is another oversize round glasses but if the open metal rim isn’t for you here is a pair for those that like a black frame (you can also get them in white).



I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 5 years old, soIi know the struggle there is to find ones you actually like. Growing up I stuck to just buying plain black pairs because my parents’ insurance only covered one pair every year or so. I always wanted to experiment with new styles but never had the means to until I found websites like EyeBuyDirect and Zenni Optical who create super cute frames with prescription lenses for WAY less than they had at the doctor’s office (and they have virtual try-on). Here are a few of my favorites online right now:


1. Tortoise Shell



A classic print with so many different frame shape options, these colors look great on anyone and add a little something more than one basic neutral color (not that there’s anything wrong with plain frames!).


2. Floral




These are fun for a little color without it being too much. I actually own these glasses and absolutely love to wear them when I think my outfit needs something extra (and they’re only $15!).


3. Wire Rimmed




Another pair that I own, these have become my everyday glasses very quickly. I like that they are rounded without being too circular and large enough that I don’t look like a Harry Potter wannabe. These are great to wear all the time and come in a few colors with different size options to fit your face just right!  


4. Clear frames Source


As a very pale blonde, I admire anyone who can pull off a pair of these adorable frames! I love the concept of clear or pinkish-clear glasses but they just don’t look right on me. These glasses are totally stylish and match literally anything because they have no color.


5. Bright Frames




I tend to stray towards the rounder glasses lately, but there is something great about a simple pair of bright colored rectangular glasses that really makes a person stand out!



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