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Being nice is good right? You would think so, but sometimes, “Hi, how are you? You look nice today!”, is taken as, “I want you, let’s do this.” And sometimes being too nice to people gets you into sticky situations– I know this, because I am this. My roommate tells me all the time I’m too nice to boys, but I just can’t help it okay! Here are some things you deal with being a friendly person always finding yourself caught in awkward boy drama.


1.) An innocent smile


To me, as you’re walking past someone on campus, a smile at a stranger is just a normal thing to do. Friendship. Innocent. No. Some people (I guess most people) don’t think the same way as me, and a smile to them means you’re flirting with them. The next thing you know, you open your phone and have a new follower and a new DM from sed follower asking you to hang out.





2.) Body language


Body language is everything when either trying to flirt, or wanting to keep things casual. If you’re actually trying to flirt, utilize the hair. Play with it, flip it a little, but not too much that you look like you’re about to break your neck. Keep your body more open to the other person, for instance, have your body square with theirs or touch their arm a little. A little can go a long way. If you’re trying to avoid flirting at all costs and just want to have a conversation, be more closed off with the body language.




3.) Keeping a conversation going thinking it’s JUST a conversation


This is one of my biggest problems when it comes to friendliness being misconstrued as flirting. You could be talking to a friend and having a good, normal conversation about what happened in class that day. Then out of nowhere, the whole vibe of the conversation changes, and they start being flirty. This is where I say, “What did I do to bring this upon myself??”.





In the end, you can’t change the way you are, and nobody wants you to change! If you are a nice person, keep being nice you’ll just have to be extra careful with the ones who usually take things the wrong way.



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