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Thinking of getting a pet? You’ve thought it over and over again and you know that anything bigger than a hamster would be too much maintenance, but you still want a furry friend you can come home to. We know, it’s difficult to find this perfect pet as college students, but we think we’ve found it: Ferrets. Don’t believe us? Keep reading and find out why we love ferrets so much.


Ferrets Get Along With Other Animals.

  • Cats and dogs are a ferret’s favorite playmates. They’re not shy when it comes to some loving either. However, when exposing ferrets to other animals, you should always supervise the playtime.


They’re Mysterious.

  • Think of a ferret as a small detective and a robber all in one animal. My ferret once stole all my hair ties and bit holes in every one of my socks. Nonetheless, mine always puts a smile on my face regardless if I have to babyproof every inch of my home.


They’re Small and Quiet.

  • Ferrets are barely noticeable when they’re not out and about being mysterious. They sleep up to 20 hours a day making them the best nappers.



  • It’s literally the cutest sound you’ll ever hear. They make this noise when they’re having the most fun, or when they’re doing their infamous war dance.


Ferrets Love You

  • Ferrets are known sense your feelings and administer kisses accordingly. They make great companion animals for college students, especially because they love to cuddle.


Overall, ferrets are the most loving pets. They’re perfect for college students because they sleep most of the day yet they always find the time to love you.



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