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Fear Factor Round 2

For those of us who were conscious in the 2000’s most MTV fans remember the show “Fear Factor”. It was known for its fantastic challenges, such as eating gross concoctions of food, bugs and animal parts blended together. Physical challenges were also incorporated into the show like holding your breath underwater for minutes at a time or moving from one moving truck to another. But as the name of the show suggests, it really got people to reach and conquer their fears all while ringing them through emotional and physical distress.

But the best part was that the show was filmed in the early 2000’s. Joe Rogan, who was a real tough guy, hosted and pushed people to their limits while giving the perfect amount of sass when needed. The solid colored outfits every contestant wore, the hair, the cut-offs, the bathing suits and the competitive tension in the air made the show what it was.


Then it went off the air but all of America could enjoy the beautiful reruns of people willing to fail and eat sheep’s eyes for $50,000. Then it came back in 2011 only to be canceled in 2013. And now it’s back, again.   


For those who tuned in to watch it this time around, it already is hard competition for the original, as my personal bias would say. While the stunts are still as gross and challenging, the styles have changed since 2006 when it first ended. While there are still blood pressure raising challenges, the vibe is different.


The new host, Ludacris, who is a likable guy and Behrend has experienced his countless talents first hand, does a good job of explaining the challenges. He also throws in an amusing pun or joke every now and then, just to relieve some palpable tension and anxiety. Ludacris does a great job but Joe Rogan will always have a special place in my heart.


I’m excited to see what this new series will bring and how long it will last. One thing that hasn’t changed is the complex challenges the contestants may not want to complete but will definitely attempt. I think the new version is similar to the original, which I like, with only minor details missing like the host and the reminiscent vibe of the early 2000’s when everything was better.

As for the contestants, there have always been people willing to do crazy stuff for money. Let’s just see how far they go.



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