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Family Christmas Traditions

It’s getting to that time of the year where the snow comes, and the lights start to shine bright. As we all prepare for finals and are getting ready for Christmas break, I get excited to participate in all of my family Christmas traditions. Our traditions are the ones that make Christmas a fun time for me, and it’s something I look forward to every year! Today I thought I would share a little bit of my family typical Christmas.


To kick it off, our family always go and handpick and cut down our own Christmas tree. It warms my heart and really sets the vibe for the rest of the season. It’s something I cherish deeply. For our tree, we measure it to see which one is perfect height by our dad standing next to it, and as long as he can’t touch the top, it’s tall enough. It has to be the perfect size and helps make the season special. 


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After that, we go out to this little family restaurant and order got chocolate and milkshakes as well as hot dogs and hamburgers with Texas hot sauce. It’s something special to our family; It may not seem like the typical thing for the Christmas season, but it is something that I look forward to doing every year. Then we go home and put the tree up, decorate it with the real tree ornaments. It’s a time that we get to relax and really enjoy our time as a family! 

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After we’re done with that, we watch hallmark movies. It’s a nice end to the night that we can all chill out and relax. Not only that, but we also do an annual Christmas party where we just celebrate the Christmas season. It’s a super fun time, and I love every minute of it! I always make sure I get a new outfit, and it’s a great time for us all to get together and have the time of our lives! To top off the season, on Christmas Eve, we make cookies to eat fresh out of the oven while we watch the Christmas story on TV. It’s a nice wind-down of the busy season. It’s nice to just spend some time with my family right before the big day.

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